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2005 Buick Century owners review and rate their 2005 Buick Century.

2005 Buick Century (3 Reviews)
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What would make a 2005 Buick Century leak gas out on the carburator intake every now and then?
At over 101,000 I still love my fancy-goldie. This is absolutely the BEST car I have ever had and I am sorry they stopped making the Century.

I replaced her brakes and rotors at about 85,000. I have had some slowness starting in the electric window rolling down on the passenger side. She has a little bit of a clack of the engine while in park - but dealer said that was normal and nothing to worry about. The starter will probably have to be replaced soon because sometimes she tries to start up longer than it should. The air conditioning is a little slow at cooling down.

I am not going to complain about any of these because she is a great, sturdy car with a lot of room and cargo space. I joke and call her my truck. I plan on keeping her until she totally dies.

Love this car!
Thje car has given good service. The major problem is the driver A/C does not throw out cold air but the passenger side does. We have not got a good answer from the repair shop.