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2002 Buick Century (7 Reviews)
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I have had my Buick Century since I was 16 years old and I am currently 21. I started off with about 80k miles and have babied it ever since. She has 140k miles and runs like new now that I replaced a few things on her. I had to replace all of the hoses for the cooling system due to leaks. The biggest expense ($700) though for repairs was the exhaust manifold gasket. I did do some aftermarket performance parts for it such as dual flowmaster super 10 exhaust, a weapon- r ram intake and a few electronic upgrades just to get some better fuel economy. Now I get an average of 27mpg in the summer and 24-25mpg in the winter. The window motor in the driver window also failed on me. About a year after I got the car I had a bunch of lights come up in my dash such as the coolant light, the low oil light, low tire light and a service engine light. The coolant one was obvious because I had leaky hoses but I could never figure out the other two. They went away on there own most of them did. I had to get a mechanic to clear the tire one. Also for some reason, when it shifts it shifts kind of slow. It has a delay between gears.
Good car...always starts in the cold...problems with the wiper blades and motors for the wipers...prevalent problem,,,engine is powerful and not bad on gas...a lot of problems with the power window motors...replaced two in two years of owning this car....
I bought this low mileage one owner car as a work car. This was my 6th Buick. Between the rocker panel rust, window motor replacements, and errant engine light problems, within a year I sold it. I will never buy a Buick, or any other GM car again!
Just bought a 2002 Century used. 60,000 miles. Like the car so far for ride and feel. Just changed the oil and filter and that turned out to be more of a pain than I'm used to. Attempted the air filter and the replacement didn't seem to match up with the owners manual. Finally gave up and will take to the shop. Hopefully all of the "basic" maintenance isn't this difficult
I absolutely love my Century... it has been a wonderful car with very little repairs, other than normal wear and tear... I'm pushing 150,000 miles and can't complain. Still get 22-25 mpg around town and the car continues to run well.

Excellent choice for someone looking for a reliable vehicle!
Bought this well maintained car (all service records present at the time of sale) with 69,000 miles on it in a private sale from the original owner in 2006. It has been virtually trouble free to 125,000 miles.

I just had 120,000 mile service done which included draining and flushing the transmission. Watch out for high prices here. Big variance from 100 bucks to near 300 bucks .... check your local GM dealerships and ask what they are charging by make and model year. There is a difference between "drain" and "drain and flush." Parts prices vary widely. I've heard comments from don't need the drain and flush to yes you do .... I tend to think it should be done, especially if fluid is not bright red (mine wasn't .... dull but not brown) b/c I drive cars to 250K, have been very particular about doing the recommended maintenance and it has served me well. Just use this site to get a good idea of costs and then compare prices and go where you can get a good price and reputable service.

I can recommend this car as a very good value if you can find a 2002 Century Custom with less than 110,000 on it. After 2002, GM dropped some of the features on this body style and had some other engineering changes that make the 2003 and on versions less desireable.

has not cost a lot in 7 years. replaced exhaust gasket was 700.00 tires & baterys