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2000 Buick Century (6 Reviews)
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Good quality car. No problems very excellent on highway.
Bought used in 2007 with 147k miles. Transmission seemed testy at 35-45 mph. At 190,000 transmission went out. (Replaced by family members.) A/C now not working. (Fan runs, but not cool.) In need of balance and alignment, but runs nice as my parents OLDs did... prefer Olds, Chev, Buicks. Lights to center console that tells temperature in/out rarely works.Like the ride and comfortable. Would buy again, but make sure trany ok.
I have over 315,000 miles on the original engine, and it seems to keep going strong. I have noticed just in the past couple weeks its been taking a little longer to start-up. I did have to have the exhaust manifold gasket changed cause it was leaking coolant in and out the engine. Two of the windows no longer roll up or down, the Check Oil light is forever on, as is the Low Coolant, and Service Engine Soon lights, and I also no longer have working Hi-beams. Also, the A/C comes on when it feels like it and goes off when it feels like it, so I tend to just drive with it on so as not to constantly hear the switching. And the light to be able to read the gauges at night doesn't work, or sometimes does work but it's very rare when it does and goes off just as mysteriously as it turned on.
Got this car at 95,000 and now has 110,000 with no repairs since purchase. Really drives nice and with the exception of window problems has been a great car.
GM could not GIVE me one of their cars ever; have 2000 Buick with approx. 130,000 miles; Transmission went out twice at cost of $3500; all window motors went out twice; Heater/Ac blower switch went out twice at cost of $700 each time; electrical problems brake lights; my dash cluster doesn't light up; this car should have been re-called. Next time, I'll buy foreign like Toyota.
Great car except i just had to have my transmission rebuilt.