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1999 Buick Century (2 Reviews)
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My car has 164202. It's a nice car. The only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like a granny car. The ride is smooth and quiet. The outside is in good shape. The inside is also pretty clean. The car is very reliable. The only things I've had to fix is the waterpump, thermostat, belt, belt tensioner, tires, and wheel alignment. There are some other things that also need to be fixed such as window motors, A/C, and some speakers. I'm going to wait till summer to fix it though. I don't mind fixing those things cause I only paid $2000 for it. Overall, its a great car. Engine runs good and everything.
1999 Buick Century, surprised me with ten years of comfortable ride. I had an engine gasket replacement and the clutch is slipping now at 115K. It actually looks like the trans fluid is overfilled , this may be the reason. I hope to run it to 160K miles or more. Also had the AC recharged ones. My stupid Toyota matrix at 97K blew an exhaust valve in one of the engine cylinders. Damn tyo. corp. said: "to bad your out of engine warranty" even so this was a direct result of an engine control malfunction for 5 yeras, which they replaced last year.