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1994 Buick Century (5 Reviews)
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I am 29 years old and have owned two 1994 Buick Centuries in my life - the first time as a teenager in high school and just recently bought another (both white with blue interior!). I didn't appreciate what I had as a teenager, but after owning a few other less quality cars in the last 10 years, I knew it was fate when I came across the craigslist ad for a white 94 Buick Century after I totaled my last car. At 20 years old, she has little to no rust, has been perfectly maintained with all documentation, was always garaged, never driven in bad/wet weather and only had 51,983 ACTUAL miles! It is perfect because it is reliable, cheap to fix and maintain and unassuming. The only complaints I have are that the gear shift lever on the column gets in the way of the radio controls and seat covers are pretty much impossible to find unless you have them custom made. Other than that, best car ever. I'm hoping to own a third one some day!
the car is in excellent condition and very low milage about what would this car sell for
We bought our 94 Century in 95 as an off-lease vehicle, it ran great up until just over 150K miles which we hit in 2009. Then everything crapped out at once..door handles, power windows, a/c, intake manifold gasket, and finally the transmission. But it ran for 14 years with regular maintenance and some brake repairs now and then. Great car.
I received this car when my father died in 2000. At 15 years old and with 143,700 miles, it still runs great. Change oil every 3k, now using high mileage oil. My dad knew how to pick an automoblie.
11 years old when i got it, 65000 miles. 3 years and 30000 miles later its holding well, regular maintenance with a few other repairs