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2007 BMW X5 (4 Reviews)
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2007 BMW X5
Have had my 2007 X5 4.8 for over a year, bought it as a replacement for my BMW 330CI. Have been completely satisfied with the car, plenty of power, good on the highway, responsive braking, all around good vehicle. I did replace the rear air springs as the passenger side was deflating when sitting for extended periods, about $340 in parts and repairs were done at a local garage for another $300. BMW has a very specific list of services that have to be performed at predetermined intervals, such as, changing the brake fluid, the engine coolant, the transmission fluid, and so on, the diagnostic system that comes with the car keeps you informed on what service is required and when. As a buyer it is imperative that you remember, you are buying a 9 year old vehicle, and your going to get some problems that occur with age, if you want one that requires little to no maintenance, buy a new one at 5 times the cost of a used 2007.
2007 BMW X5
I absolutely loved my X5 at first. You couldn't tell me nothing. I thought I was the $HIT!!!
I brought my X5 about 3 years ago. the first year I had it everything was awesome. Then here comes the problems. It started with the air suspensions. Got them fixed at the dealer. $3000. Next it needed a module...Whatever that is. Another $1200. It drove ok for awhile then I was getting a 6 cyclinder misfire. I got a tune up and a diagnostic and car drove fine for another 6 months. Now check engine light came on and the fan started to run on high speed as soon as you turn the car on at a cold start. The claim my water pump and thermostat went. Got that fixed $2200. Now my check engine light is back on and I smell oil. Guess what now. Oil cooling unit and housing filter is leaking oil. That will be another $1200 also they claim I need a new valve cover gasket. $2000. WTF!!! Like really BMW get yall $hit together. We pay all this money for these damn cars and yall cant accommodate us and do a better job in building these cars??? I give up. Im trading my car in for a Audi A8.
2007 BMW X5
Nothing but issue after issue. Lights ,valve covers,radiator, water pump you name it.3 batteries in 4.5 years.Bought the car in 2010 with 36,00 miles on it. Great car when it isn't acting up. Problem is that it has repair issues all the time.
2007 BMW X5
I just got my 2007 BMW X5 and I love it...