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2006 BMW X3 (2 Reviews)
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I have just been informed that my BMW X3 Air Condition Compressor has a large crack in it and its going to be expensive to repair due to having to take off the dash to fix. I have very low miles, 46,000 and the car has been garaged its entire life. I don't understand how a large crack can occur in a car in great condition and low miles. I have lived in Florida two years, I realize we use air conditioning more in Florida than many other states, but really, a cracked compressor? Can it be a technician cracked it when they worked on it before? It was working fine when I took it in to replace the battery. Immediately when I got it home, it wasn't producing cold air. I take great care of my car, anyone experiencing air conditioning problems? Is this a known issue with BMW X3's?. It's going to cost $2,800 to repair, mainly labor due to the dashboard having to be removed and replaced.
Parents have a BMW X3 that I drive. It's been fun, has a lot of room, and is easy to maintain. BMW pays regular maintenance under warranty, and we've never had repairs. Not great gas mileage though.