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2009 BMW 750Li (2 Reviews)
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2009 BMW 750LI
Update to previous review over a year ago. Car was purchased with 58,100 miles, not 581. Now has 72,000. Recent maintenance included upper & lower oil pan seal replacement (small leak in upper), front thrust rod bushings replacement (worn), and differential housing support replacement (cracked) -- total cost about $3,000, but covered by my aftermarket extended warranty.
Car continues to impress with power, speed and comfort features. Sure is a good road car. Would be hard to downgrade to a "common" car like a Honda or Toyota.
Suspension seems to wallow/roll sometimes in rear. This 2009 750i was an early model and had air dampers, which are unimpressive IMO. Going to Sport+ and back to Normal seems to help for some reason --??
Depreciation has been way excessive. KBB trade-in is now listed at 16k -- price of a used Civic! Ridiculous.
Only 16 months left on extended warranty -- hope whatever's going to break does it before then.
2009 BMW 750LI
Only had it for 1,000 miles, purchased used w/ 58l miles. Car seems to be in excellent condition. CONS: I've experienced the common accelerator tip-in problem -- can't give it the pedal slowly, just seems to balk -- more pedal & then the turbos kick in & you zoom off. Brakes are extra touchy at in-town speeds, but excellent at high speed. An great cruising auto on the highway, but gas hog in town, more like 12-13 mpg than 15. Happy with it so far, but a little concerned about all the maintenance I've read that others have had to do. We'll see! Could turn out to be a foolish decision buying a 6 year old BMW with so many systems . . .but I'm optimistic.