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2008 BMW 750Li owners review and rate their 2008 BMW 750Li.

2008 BMW 750Li (2 Reviews)
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Purchased certified vehicle. Cabin smells of trans fluid but can't see any leaks under car. Shifts hard between 1st and 2nd acceleration is not smooth tends to downshift to much.
49,000 miles on my '08 750LI. I had a couple of minor problems: peeling buttons, door struts, but it was all fixed under warranty. I have issues with the DTC which seems to engage even when it's not on and doesn't allow the car to accelerate. This only occurs when it's wet, but the car is literally paralized in some cases. Also, when I punch the accelerator, 50% of the time the rpm's will rev high but the transmission will not engage, thus resulting in a 'bang' when it does engage because the rpms are high. It's almost as if you have to ease into accelerating.