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2006 BMW 750Li (6 Reviews)
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I love my 750Li performance. But dealer said transmission problems about power disconnection feeling when I starting n stopping. I paid $1200 to replace sensor at dealer. But that's wrong.
Small auto shop guy said that I need to replace Guibo (rubber part behind of transmission) and I paid $500 (dealer said $1200). If dealer said transmission problems about 7 series n you need check guibo first. I complained n BMW guy said lots of 7 series's this problem happened around 70K~80K miles. They already knew it. Why not "RECALL"
Regarding "Bump", it's a computer glitch, for me after using Sport Mode, you have to reset the adaptations which is something you can do, when you get into car turn on the accessories but not the engine, in that mode step on the accelerator for about 25 seconds.. you'll see the shift setting lights go out after the right amount of time.. start the car and you're good to go...

Also Google Max Bimmer it's one of the top threads for the E65 and the solution is detailed there.

Good luck.

ugly bump on tranny. dealer says need to purchase new one. they are willing to pay half. sounds like they are aware of they recurring problem. other than that, wow of a car.
Transmission makes a "bump" noise occasionally when shifting....around 1800 rpms. No problem with electrical system "yet"....but all my firends tell me it's only a matter of time. BMW dealership tried to sell me a maintenance plan....recommend that you have them pull the car data from the ignition key (yes the key stores all info). Analyze whether the "officail scorekeeper" is going to recommend brakes, oil changes, etc. before you plunk down a large sum of money that you may never get a penney out of.
problem with right signal light wiring failer to harness thats connected to head light causes signal light to malfunction
Transmission makes a bang when shifting from time to time.