2000 BMW 740iL Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 BMW 740iL owners review and rate their 2000 BMW 740iL.

2000 BMW 740iL (4 Reviews)
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I really like this car. I have owned it for 2 years and while it has not been trouble free, I have a good BMW mechanic and I order my own parts from ebay and the cost to maintain the car hasn't been to bad. I get 18-25 MPG, the car runs so smooth that I have had people put their hand on the running engine and swear they couldn't feel it. I have replaced all the normal wear items, Battery, plugs, tires, etc along with a power steering pump, power steering Hose, OSV (PCV VALVE) and gaskets.

Nothing I haven't done on any other used car with over 140K.

Car is a joy to drive on the open road and it is whisper quiet.

It is a 12 year old car and as long as I keep it up, I think it will run forever.

Car does have little thigs that can get on your nerves, like window regulators that go bad, and they all do. Had to replace all four. I don't use the cup holders because they are pretty fragile and I don't trust them. If you change the oil and use the recomended fluids, these cars wil go on & on without any major problems. Let BMW tell you you don't have to service your transmission and you will be replacing it.

I Love the car and recommend it to someone who wants a really nice car and who will take the time to take care if it and not think that because it is a BMW you don't need to do anything.

It will take you to the poor house if you don't stay on top of maintenance.

They look great and I always have people say how they like the style even at the dealership, they are amazed at how nice the car runs and looks for it's age. You just have to take care of the car and it will take car of you.
Worst car we have ever owned. I have 20 year old Porsches that I drive daily that are more reliable than this POS. I work on my own cars and after the first couple of wrench sessions you start to see how cheap this car is put together. There is an ABUNDANCE of PLASTIC used everywhere in this engine so expect a new radiator and coolant over flow tank every 40-50k miles. Also the serpentine belt tensioner pullys are plastic and are known for letting go around the 80-90k mark. Then you have your other common issues warped PLASTIC intake manifold, WARPED PLASTIC valley pan, CATs, and CAM postition sensors. We bought are car with 55k on the clock and we have pretty much replaced everything before I finally gave up on it this year and sold it. The alternators are watercooled and will set you back over a grand. This car has a lot of electronics so expect to eat this things for lunch are car went through three from 55k miles to 118k.

However this biggest pain in the butt on this car is BMW's POOR attempt at making a MAF sensor. This car will go through MAF's every 2 years nothing you can do about it!! You will also go through cam position sensors as well. At around 100k EXPECT the whole front end to be worn out and need replacing.

Don't get me wrong is a fantastic driving machine just poorly engineered with substandard parts. If you don't mind the servicing by all means knock yourself out. Simply put after owning numerous 20 year old Porsches the reliability of this car was a real shocker. Quite funny that my 20+ year old Porsche 928 was more reliable than this and it has over 120k miles.

In closing BMW needs to STOP using so MUCH PLASTIC in there engines it just doesn't hold up the heat cycles. If this car didn't have so many stupid seals it would be much more reliable. I'm still trying to figure out the point of a valley pan?? Most V8's don't have them so why put a seal there? Why does the intake manifold come apart in 4 different sections... this just leads to more failure points. All in all fabulous car to look at and drive, horrible car to pay for the repairs.
BMW stands for Bust My Wallet!
Good car and fun to drive but repairs are very expensive.