1999 BMW 740iL Reviews and Owner Comments

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1999 BMW 740iL (2 Reviews)
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Can anyone tell me what to do about my 1999 740 iL. It was running just fine. Started great. No issues. Drove it the other day, parked it over night and the next morning I cant even get it to turn over or click. Put a new battery in it and still the same thing. Called BMW dealer and he said to change the battery. I said I did. Then he said to smack the starter motor with a hammer. It might be stuck. I did and still nothing. I have all lights, computer, everything works but when you turn the key to start it I get nothing. Not a sound. Does anyone out there have an idea how I can get this issue fixed? Please help. Thanks, Kevin from Arizona. HELP!!!!
I have a 99 740iL. I love the look and profile and it is the best driving car I have ever owned. But that is as far as it goes. Repair wise this is the WORSE vehicle I have ever owned. The repairs just keep coming and coming. I do most of the repairs myself but at some point you have to ask yourself is it worth it. It seams like I am having to repair something every month on this car. Parts are very expensive and the labor cost for repairs I don't do myself is even worse. When I purchased this car I paid cash because I did not want to be making monthly payments. Boy was I ever wrong, I have been making monthly repair bill payments from the first day I purchased it. I will NEVER EVER own another BMW.