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1998 BMW 740iL (16 Reviews)
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need a real low cost to rebuilt my motor on my 1998 bmw740il i got a v8 4.4engine i need it rebuilt for a low cost how much
Having owned several Beemers and 2-740iL's; I am biased in this writing. These are real head turners and expect to receive compliments! Now then, things to keep an eye or ear on, relative to these E38's:

- Timing Chain Guides: They have a definite service life. Sounds can range from 'ticking' to a Diesel like sounding engine. Also may sound like a failing water pump in its early stages of decline.

- Valley Pan Oil Gaskets/Valve Cover Gaskets: must be tighten to spec and absolutely cleaned before replacement.

- Brake Lines: High operating pressures leads to leaks/failures. (hot arid climates are culprits)

- Headliners seem to sag

- Lower portion of Dashboard 'bubbles' out at front corners where front doors meet cabin.

- Change ALL fluids regularly! Oil, Transmission Fluid, Break Fluid, Coolant, Power Steering Fluid. ADD Fuel Treatment every 10th fuel fill up. (Techron, STP or =) look for "complete fuel system cleaner"

Over all, the 740's are an absolute blast to drive! You will love the whole Ultimate Driving experience!! And your passengers in the iL version will love the luxurious leg room!!!
We have had our car for almost 3 years. We bought it from someone who took very good care of it. The one problem we are having a second time is the exhaust. We love it more than I can tell you. It drives great & runs great. But don't buy one if you can't afford the upkeep. By the way it had 105,000 miles on it when we got it. It still has less than 120,000
I absolutely love this car. I purchased this car from a dealer in Holly, Michigan. It looks and drives like new. I paid 4,500 for it with 79K miles on it. I love the cockpit and the suspension handles great. My sister owned one in 1999 and I loved it then and now. I would recommend anybody to buy this car. Let the customizing begin..(turning heads)Thank you BMW for making this car. I consider this my first old school car.

I love the car have had for 5 years the only thing went bad is water pump
58.00 dollars new on e bay replace myself in less than 2 hours,and a small heater hose burst $ 15.00.It gets 26 miles mpg on highway,runs like new and fun to drive,it is a 98 740il gave 6200.00 5 years ago.
I truly love this car. My '98 740IL is in very light green metallic with chrome factory wheels and is in top shape. I look forward to driving this car. As old as it is, it still turns heads and strikes up conversations with many. Simply one of the best purchases I've made. Love the silky smooth powertrain, the mating of the engine & transmission is excellent. I paid $4,500 for mine 2 years ago with 107K miles. Today it has 127+K and never fails. No leaks, no smoke, runs so smooth. This thing rules the road. The controls on the steering wheel are great. I love the ability to change the suspension from soft to sport at the touch of a button. Audio system is great with 6-disk changer, and I really like the power rear window screen and side window screens. The dual-paned windows muffle outside noises well. My only complaints are the drivers power seat controls are fragile, the glove box lock and handle are fragile. Other than general maintenance, I've had to replace the front oxygen sensors, the outside condenser fan motor for the A/C and both struts that hold up the trunk. The previous owner of my 740IL was an airline pilot and he kept this thing clean and garaged. Super SWEET car. I have no regrets.
I love this car. Bought it from an owner more than a year ago by just test drive on freeway and I did not check anything. Fortunately, everything works. Just had to replace cats 3 months ago. Found after market and all cost just over $ 400. Very smooth, very fast acceleration. Just close the windows, turn on aircon and drive it on the freeway,I feel like I am a president.
My 1998bmw740il kills at idle after being driven for about 15 minutes. Starts back up. Runs great on the open road.The crankshaft engine sensor & thermostat sensor have both been replaced. Also the mass air flow sensor.What could be the problem?
interior how to replace a door window like to do it my self to save $ i love this car very confortable and has the best sound system ever hear on a car, any help will be apreciatred thanks
Look,BMW has mastered the art of deception with the price of repairs.This is one of the most amazing cars on the road.You have to love driving more than life to appreciate what this machine is capable of......for example,Santa Monica pier to the Antelope valley in 33 mins.Yes 33 speed 167 MPH.They say the top speed is 145.The price.....look at it like this,I pretty much completely rebuilt mine for under $20,000.Ya sounds like alot but....I have a $75,000 car for a quarter of the price!!!!!!!!.YUP im the guy you seen on any so cal freeway in a black 740 IL going extremely to fast,sorry if i scared you.Catch me if you can.
I bought my car in late december of 2010. The previous owner drove 62,000 miles over the life of the car. The car was well maintained and driven by his wife. The car looks like it was never driven inside and out. I had the car looked at and did the car fax to check out the service records. I paid 12,500 for the car I have since spent 15,000 on new valves and head gaskets along with a long list of other issues that are more maintence issues and repairs that you would exspect with a 12 year old car. The good news is that the car does drive great and it is solid at this point. The previous owner never drove out of the city in florida and never went over 40 mph. I will pursue the dealership to cover the valves but as for now I have a great ride.

I love this car, just picked it up for less then 6k with only 120k on it...I believe it needs new suspension but other than that I love everything about it so far
Are you kidding me? For a car that looks good, it is just a POS. So many issues, I really don't know where to begin. I really wish I would have read the other comments BEFORE I bought my BMW. I have only had it 30 days, and already, I have had problems with the radiator, suspension, windows, lights, cat converters, and a/c. The cost of these repairs will be more than double what I paid for the car. I can not beleive it. Well, lesson learned. I will just cut my losses and sell it. I refuse to pay for these intial repairs. I can tell by reading other comments, that this will be just the beginning. The best thing about this vehicle will be the tail lights when I see it going down the street with someone else. BUYERS BEWARE
Several people including myself have had radiator and water pump issues. Repair costs are very expensive. My local dealership wanted $1840 for LABOR alone to install a radiator and water pump. Also has some electrical issues as well.
I love this car
I have a 98 740IL- I LOVE IT!!! Yes you are right, not fot the weak, you want weak buy something else, My car is more than efficient! and truly a pleasure to drive, will buy another BMW- love em'