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1997 BMW 740iL (10 Reviews)
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I own a 1997 740IL. I purchased it in 2006. The car is a great piece of machinery, but when it is time to cost $$$! I have since changed my entire suspension (struts, mounts, rubbers, ball joints, centerlink, etc) front & rear. I've also changed my entire power steering system, (hoses & lines), replaced my radiator, replaced EWS, and a brand new ignition with a full key set. The car is running lovely!! I have 2 things left to repair. Catalytic Converters and an oil leak from my Timing Cover gasket. After these 2 things are done, the car will be practically brand new! I figure I'll change the timing chain and spark plugs, when getting the oil leak repaired. All in all, the money spent is worth it! My car will last another 10 yrs! BMW is definitely the Ultimate Driving Machine!!!!
how much it cost to get the ECU installed
I purchased a 97 740IL in August of "2010" all I can tell you is I put 8k in repairs sensors, power steering, radiator, hoses,a.c. etc. I thought I had it licked. Then leaving the gym I cracked my motor oil spilled all out in the street. I spent $4500 3months ago and put a new motor in my car thought I had this thing licked. Well last month I dropped my drive line $900 repair. Listen and listen good this is a incredible car to drive and the looks are stunning. But, most of the pictures I have of my car are of it in the shop point blank period. I own a dodge 1500 that happens to be a "97" also that drives circles around my bmw and is cheap to repair. I once owned the worst car ever made the Audi 5000s and Im starting to see a lot of the same similarities. Be warned by this car if you like to spend time and money on repairs and head aches. Nate. C
I have tried after-market rims on my car and cannot get a balanced ride. I had the tires professionally balanced twice, but to no avail. I assumed that one of the rims has a problem since the rims were used. However, when I put the original rims back on, there is still vibration at 50-55 mph, the indicator for balance control. What else could be the problem?
I own a 1997 740IL. I've had it for 6 yrs and I enjoy it! It does cost $$$ when it is time for repair, but it is worth it! My last tune up was in 2006. I've done over 30,000 miles since and you would think I just tuned it up last week! I changed my entire front and rear suspension in 2007 (except shocks/struts), and my ride became even smoother! I recently changed my shocks/struts (front & rear) and my cars feels like brand new! The car is very durable! I live in NYC and the streets are the worst in america! But I could never tell!! LOL!!
I have a 97 740IL and I must say that it runs pretty well. The problem I have with it are the tail lights, the cup holder is broken (cheap), the inside door strips are cheaply made with those clips that are always breaking, the cover to my stereo speaker just fell off and I cannot re-attach it. I do find that some of the fixtures are easy to replace and not as complicated all as many would think. My nemesis with my car is the electrical stuff. Both of my brake lights are out. I've changed the bulbs a numerous amount of times and I've replaced the bulb sockets to no avail. I am thinking about buying new tail lights however, I'm not sure if this will resolve the issue not know if it's the wiring that causing the problem. I've been trying to determine if there's a fuse out however, it's very confusing. I very hesitant to take it to the dealer or my mechanic. It will cost me a s--t load of money for something so simple as popping out a fuse and putting another one. I'm going to keep trying...I'm sure I'll figure it out...hell, I changed the grill myself! I'm also having some major problems passing the emissions test...for a car of this stature and price, this should never be!!
I've been driving this car for 7.5 years and I just passed the 150K mileage mark. I'm on my second million miles and have never found a car that compares with its overall driving performance. It eats up mountain driving, hugs the road on corners, and absorbs shocks from our horrible Northern California roads as though they had been newly paved. It will cruise at over 150 mph. At 100 mph, it handles better than any American piece of trash at 60 mph. It truly is a joy to drive. HOWEVER, it is not a joy to pay for its maintenance. I just dropped $4,500 to replace its entire coolant system - it went through two radiators in six months. Dealers' service charges for anything significant are higher than what you can sell the car for. Be prepared to visit your favorite shop often.
I have a 1994 74oi well I will just say I did not learn from that and was out of my head whim I hot a 1997 bmw 740il for cars that cost $$$$$$$ its made with cheep parts that dount last, over done with sub standerd parts that cost more then gold. and the dealers, well they came with at you with a smile in there face and with there hand for a hand shake and the other hand going for your wallet.
I love this car. It requires attention, but is a pleasure to drive.