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2001 BMW 740i (3 Reviews)
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Having owned a 1982 318i, I knew what a quality car the BMW was. I traded a 1999 Lincoln Town Car with 170,000 miles in on my 2001 740i sport. This car had almost 100,000 miles on it and looks, drives and runs like new. In 10,000 miles I have spend about $150 in parts which includes front brake pads, sensor, check valve, vacuum hose, oil change, air filter and two used coils. I thought parts for this car would be expensive going in, but have purchased everything I needed on line. It is a little rough on the tires, but they are V rated. I will replace with some touring tires and get a 4 wheel alignment. The only item not working is the tape player. I had just bought my wife a low mile Hemi Magnum and would have bought another one of these cars for her had I waited. Everything else I drive now seems slow and cheaply built compared to this 10 year old car. Mileage is 23 MPG average and it climbs to 27 or so when on the interstate. I drive 90 miles a day and dread when I have to take any other car on the trip. The only thing I would change is I now want a 2001 750iL!
Had a 740iL before this and put on 180K miles. Maintained it and it ran good but was a little tired looking inside due to kids and dog. Got an 01 740i and have 80K miles. You will pay premium prices for repairs, but it's worth it. Don't buy the car if you need an economy car; this is not it. If you whine over costly maintanance, don't buy it; it costs. I recently paid about $4000 for suspension, pixel repairs, etc. That's allot but I wanted it kept in like new condition so I paid. I can probably put on another 100K miles now without major repairs. I Will have to replace brakes relatively often. If you want the best car on the planet, and are prepared to pay for it, this is it.
2001 BMW 740i Sports This car drives and handles very well, no problems at all, like it was still new, All electrical components works and the interior is still in immaculate condition, the body is in excellent condition and the engine and transmission are still going strong. still the best car I have ever owned and I have owned over 25 cars to date.