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1994 BMW 740i (3 Reviews)
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it's a greate car
I put 161K miles on my 94 BMW 740I up and down a mountain, The ultimate driving machine is not a joke. I've driven a 320 Mercedes but nothing matches. The Mercedes floats on the freeway a few miles over the speed limit. The BMW with its 2000 Psi hydraulic pump for the suspension and steering lowers the vehicle 1/2 to 1 inch and the steering and suspension gets stiff this keeps you in touch with wheels to steering to the road sensation.

I am however heart broken when I blew a head gasket, As an aircraft mechanic I figured I could do it and to my surprise the car is well engineered. Just mark everything, use containers and label them, take pictures as you dis-assemble just to be sure. Most important get the $110 manual. The other point is special tools, don't worry you can improvise and you may need to make a couple of timing blocks for the camshafts.

My problem here and now is after it was all back together It was running like the timing was incorrect, so I double checked and again and again, then found my oil level sensor had burnt wires and was no longer registering a 1k ohm resistance. called and found $400 cost for a new part. Went to the junk yard and with an ohm meter and 10 mm wrench, paid $17 for a used one. Now my $150 diagnotics tool does not work and I am at a loss. Thinking it is my EC module, no break out box to check it.

Anyone have any ideas?
BMW owner in love with the 740I

I've experienced minor wear and tear problems however my 94 740i has performed well and continues to show me that maintenace and care extend the life of an automobile and is I will keep it original.