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2001 BMW 540i (4 Reviews)
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Purchased a 2001 540I 6sp Manual w/Sports Suspension in 09. Car had 128,000. It now has 191,000. It's the 2nd best car I've ever owned. My best was an 89 BMW 535I 5 speed manual. The car is a blast to drive. Would NEVER own a BMW without a true manual transmission. Corners like a dream and the ride is as smooth as silk. It's the closest thing to owning an M5. The only difference is the 100 extra horses under the hood. This car has all the power you'll ever need.
Since owning I've installed Bilsteins, front & rear suspension components, and had the timing chain guides done. At 150K if you do not replace the timing chain guides on a 4liter V-8, you might as well be playing "Russian Roulette". It's the one fatal flaw with
with this particular engine. If the plastic guide fails and the timing chain skips a tooth, kiss the car goodbye.

Also pay attention to the cooling system. It's a wise idea to replace the water pump w/a metal impeller. Why BMW continues to use plastic ones is beyond my comprehension. A new radiator, expansion tank & hoses are also recommended. Since the days of my old 72 Bavaria, BMW has always had issues with cooling. Besides these idiosyncrasies the car is top notch.
my 2001 540i M sport has 155 plus thousand miles and runs like a dream- Change the oil religiously/every 5 k miles regardless with Castrol synthetic oil- 8 qts- worth it..Changed wheels and tires to continental high speed ,z rated tires-6 speed manual on its second clutch,third radiator,new timing chain, new coils, invest a couple of grand and the car is good good for a qtr. million miles--shift with out the clutch up and down , just feel it and time it -BMW's are the Best- Race Me...
My dream car had been a 6 speed 540 for years. i finally bought a used 2001 in 2005. only had 40,000 miles on it. love driving it; it has been a nightmare for repairs. Had one bad cylinder which required changing the spark plug every 500 miles; did the compression test; passed, did the leak down test;passed; eventually tore down engine and found out it had been 'hydrolocked'; had to replace the engine; had to replace the alternator; heating/ac system has been a joke; currently trying to figure out why the fan will not operateabove a low setting; checked the fuse(75 and 76; that was fun); it was fine; tried replacing the resistor with no effect; looking at buying a used 2004 545; just read about another unfortunate 545 owner who hydrolocked his engine after driving through a 15 inch puddle; i am a succer for punishment
Great car and truly the ultimate driving machine. Not a car for the young or conservative. If you are planning a family or looking for a family sedan, get a 525 or 530! This car is a four door sports car with an amazing driving experience. Also save your money for repairs b/c it will cost for replacement parts and at the gas station!!!