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2000 BMW 540i owners review and rate their 2000 BMW 540i.

2000 BMW 540i (3 Reviews)
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I bought a 2000 a year ago with 145K.
Despite 16 MPG (city) I would buy it again!
Great Car! (Nice "Classic" look) - Fantastic ride.

(Do wish the steering was a little more responsive like the 2003 M5, and that the interior was not so cheap or dated)

I did have to make some repairs to it:
Replaced Radiator and reserve tank (Apx $150) - For some reason they don't last that long in these cars - and $150 fixed the problem (Even if I have to replace it in a year or so - so what its an easy and cheap fix)

Was having problems with the Alternator - BMW quoted me $800 for a new one and I found a rebuilt for $500. BUT after reading the message boards and finding that the Rebuilt ones often have faulty Voltage regulators I decided to replace ONLY the Voltage regulator ($50) and haven't had a problem since. NOTE - It requires the removal of the radiator, Fan, and serpentine belt (serp belt easy to remove with a ratchet placed on a nut and pushed - no need for major effort - Fan requires BIG crescent wrench - that you'll only use twice.)

I also had to replace the window regulators (1 on the rear and 1 on the front) BMW quoted me $800 for the rear - I found it on like for $150(?) and got the front for about $50 (Don't get the super cheap ones where you get the set of fronts for $60 - they're junk).
The car is a great example of fine engineering - For 7 years its been trouble free - unfortuantely at the expiration of warranty period - repairs are terribly expensive - BMW brand inflation, many simple items you pay a high premium "BMW repair tax" to dealer or independent mechanic.
My son's 540 is a very heavy car so, use front brake pads like water. Recently the alternator need to be replace. Just $ 500 for a rebuild one!New alternator are about $ 800.00, and we found out it is a water cool alternator......!!!!!!!
With this model you need to be very carefull with no overheating the engine. Cronic problems with the cooler system. Very nice cars when they are new, but after 5 or 6 years......