1999 BMW 540i Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 BMW 540i owners review and rate their 1999 BMW 540i.

1999 BMW 540i (3 Reviews)
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I am absolutely enamored with this car. The headlights do not give enough light on low beams.
The electric coils seem to go bad to often and are expensive to replace
14 years later and still going strong. I wish BMW would make the interior better instead of using cheap plastic and low grade leather. Other than that is a verry good cAR.
Truly a great car! I've owned a 540i for 5 years now and never had anything wrong with it. It's such a pleasure to drive that car that I don't mind driving where I normally would fly to destinations. The only problem I've had so far is to control myself as you don't really feel how fast you're going; therefore I've extensively used the speed control to avoid speeding tickets. I wouldn't hesitate a second to buy this car again though it's a tad small for me as I've owned larger cars before, e.g. 500 Mercedes.