1990 BMW 535i Reviews and Owner Comments

1990 BMW 535i owners review and rate their 1990 BMW 535i.

1990 BMW 535i (3 Reviews)
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my bimmer has 270 thousand miles and is a great running car, for a 21 year old car only thing is the on board computer is kinda crazy and the electrical is iffy at best, other than that best car ive ever owned!!
The e34 BMW is a classic that houses some of the modern characteristics found in late 90s cars. The bulletproof drivetrain of the large 6 cyl engine that has been perfected over the 20+ years of its existed is a pleasure to drive and repair with the abundant space under the bonnet.
There arent many things to watch out for, the recalls are minor and cost of ownership is low. To owners of automatic transmission e34s, a warning, the cost to rebuild or replace the trans is expensive and usually is the determining factor to get a different car. The steering gets loose after 130,000 miles but a simple adjsutment on the crude steering gear box corrects that, if not relatively cheap tie rods, idler arm bushings and sometimes ball joints correct the problem. The front suspension is prone to high mileage failure and the rubber bushing sin the front end should be replaced with the stronger 750 parts.
One of the best, longest lasting cars ever built.
Note: the e34 530 and 540 have issues with the aluminium casting used for the block and sometimes the engine will loose compression, not pass a leak down test, and the only option to fix the problem is to install a new engine made from the updated alloy (post 1997 engines).
i love the e34. 226000 miles and still running strong. daily driver for 2 years now and no problems.