2007 BMW 530i Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 BMW 530i owners review and rate their 2007 BMW 530i.

2007 BMW 530i (5 Reviews)
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GReat, my wife loves it!!!!!!!!
I have 118,000 miles on this car and it is running strong and gets very good gas milage. Very few issues over the years all small and never left me stranded. I love this car and it is a pleasure to work on.
Great car, but do not replace the battery yourselve unless you have done your home work.
have a 2007 530I with a leaky oil pan, has been in the shop twice for the same problem and now of course the warranty is leaking again! i am selling this leaky tin can after i fix it,
own a 07 BMW with 45K miles on it, excellent car for performance, look, safety and reliability. used to buy Toyotas, got tired of lack of performnce and average handling.