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2006 BMW 530i (3 Reviews)
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My 2006 BMW now has 167100 miles and I have been faithfully maintaining it since its original purchase. It has rewarded me with impeccable performance although I've experienced some repairs: a water pump at 50K miles, a radiator at 154K miles, a new oil pan, regular brakes repairs, a hairline break in a wheel, a starter at 130K miles, a trunk actuator + light replacement, a front headlight, an average $120/month maintenance cost(not including tires) and an excellent MPG(up to 34 MPG at 75 MPH with no air conditioning running). I love the finish in this car and the smooth purring engine, unlike any other car I've owned. This is my 4th BMW and I intend to stay loyal to the brand as its performance-price- comfort ratio is quite competitive. It still looks like new(dark metallic blue color)and I enjoy it every time I jump in the cabin! Recommended......
Bought my 06 BMW 530i used at 17k mi. Now have 112k mi. NO problems. I bought the extended service contract for $1200, giving me all standard service upt o $100k mi. Now I go to local shop servicing only Bimmers. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS CAR. As fun as a Porsche (well, almost, ha ha) and reliable as a Honda. This is the best car I have ever owned, including my old reliable Nissan Maxima. It is even better than my first Bimmer, the 2000 323i. My recommendation: Buy a CERTIFIED used car with LOW mileage (you'll save $$) then immediately buy a maintenance pkg to cover you up to 100k (keep in mind you will need to drive adequate mileage for this to be feasable). Great car - my wife likes it much better than her Audi A6.
car is great but like most owners probably agree after 50,000 you better start looking for another car