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2011 BMW 528i (3 Reviews)
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I bought my wife first 2011 BMW 528i for her birthday in Jan. 2012. I am also having the Idling problems. You can be sitting in a fast food drive thru with feet on brakes and the car will start high idling all by itself. Also my check engine light has come on and stays on steady while the car is running all systems checks ok and car performance tends to be ok. I will have her take it in to the dealer tomorrow. Glad I purchased the extended warranty.
We loved our new BMW until the other day my wife was driving my son to soccer practice and when she was pulling in to the parking space, car started to eccelerate on its own. My wife had both of her feet on the brake and car would not stop. It went over the curb and into the soccer field before it finally stopped. All the warning lights came on, we had it towed to the BMW dealer and it is still there. Has anyone else experience this problem with their BMW?
Have only driven my new 528 for about 800 miles so far, but I'm very satisfied! This being our first BMW, the 2011 redesign was an aesthetically appealing success with us. The interior is spacious and VERY comfortable. The electronic shifting (A/T) and iDrive take some time to learn/become accustomed to, but the driving experience is great. No issues with the steering (other past-BMW owners say the lack of feedback is an issue), as it is smooth and comfortable for a luxury touring car. The 8-speed transmission shifts like "butter", and the in-line 3.0 liter 6-cylinder has plenty of power for passing and cruising. It's been tough to keep 'er below 80 on the freeway. Nav system has had us going in a couple of circles in high-traffic areas over the last couple of days, but may just be a satellite anomaly. More to report on that down the line.