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2010 BMW 528i (3 Reviews)
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Have a BMW 2010 5281. I have 33,000 miles on this car. At 29,000 had the belt tensioner replaced. The dealership found the belt tensioner had failed and made a high pitched voice when you started the car intermittently. Now the car is making the same noise . I am going back to the dealer have them look at this again... This was done August 30 and parts and labor should still be under warranty.. Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone had their water pump go out at 60,000 miles?
Very Fantastic!
I purchased my car in March of 2010. Lots of prblem with this car. 6 days after purchase; they had to replace all breaks. Then I had to take the car back, because of a defect in my Naviation System. Still having problem with Navigaiton system," It does not give accurate direction" . This car has very course engin sound, and rough ideling.