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1998 BMW 528i (7 Reviews)
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this car is so awesome,mine has 225 on the odometer runs solid.had to do minor repairs water pump ,fan clutch...replaced the belts...the 528i is fun with a sporty feel, interior is so elegant with everything at to drive it
Bought used with 112K miles, and had my mechanic go over it, replaced coil, tune up, replaced rotors with drilled set and ceramic pads. Transmission takes it's time to engage after stop and sometimes it seems to skip gears. I have to accelerate to get the transmission to engage, I have taken it to BMW dealer and had a diagnostic run but they cannot find anything. Since unit is sealed for life, cannot check fluid; once it is running, it runs very smooth and shifts very nice (as nice as a 4 speed auto can) I downshift and everything works fine - except for the erratic reactions. I have 140K and the engine is very strong, the transmission responds very well on the highway and the car looks great inside and out. I do love the design and get lots of compliments on it. This is the 6th BMW that I have owned and love to drive the cars.
Lights inside of car will come on, c.control & radio will go off. I know this happens if liquid was spilled around the hazard lights but this never happened in my case. Sometimes the car is fine for months and then it will act up daily.
1998 BMW 528i with 261,000 miles and going very strong. Normal wear and tear maintenance. No major problems. And the best driving, most comfortable car I have ever owned. Looks all but brand new. The key to good service from any BMW is keeping up with maintenance on a regular basis (not BMW-NA's schedules), including all fluids. Oil, coolant, transmission and differential fluids. These are exceptionally great cars. Parts and labor can be expensive but good maintenance can keep the major problems away. These cars are very durable when treated correctly.
@dalenstep A 1997 bmw 528i does not require being checked it is a lifetime transmission it never needs any attention unless there is a mechanical failure otherwise it never needs attention. I love mine it has had no problems whatsoever and the maintenance is sooo easy all the tools you need are in the trunk for the oil change and the sparkplugs plus the oilfilter is ontop and easy to get too so there is no reason to ever take it to a dealer and pay there overinflated prices!!
Just installed new tires and struts which were needed. Outside of standard maintenance, this has been a trouble free car. I have 120k miles and plan to keep this fine car. Rides great. Handles great. Looks great. paint job has to be one of the best I have ever had. I have an independent that keeps costs down.