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2005 BMW 330xi (6 Reviews)
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I looked specifically for a 2004-2006 330XI for over 4 months knowing I wanted a real spare tire. Found mine with only 67K miles on it, have 98K now. Previously had a 1999 M3, Infinity G35 and a 2008 M5. All were horrible in the rain, sleet & snow. These handle like a dream especially in snow lower than 8 inches and gets decent gas mileage. Wish it had a little more leg room in the rear but hardly use it. Fixed the known oil filter housing gasket and beginning to have issues with the heat not coming through the top vents. Other than that I will probably never get rid of this car.
Traded 2002 Maxima SE (215K miles) for 2005 330xi (105K miles). The BMW is great, the Nissan was overall a better car dollar for dollar. Maxima is a slightly bigger car more comparable to a 5or7 series, so can't comment on the smaller BMW leg room and trunk.

Maxima 3.5L was fast, BMW 3.0L is quick. BMW has the edge with AWDrive over FWDrive. The BMW is very solid with tight steering/suspension, while the Maxima was a bit loose sometimes. Maxima feels light in the front even with a large V6 up front, while the BMW seems to have better weight distribution.

The 3.5L V6 is almost too much engine in the Maxima if you don't know what you're doing. 'Torque Steer' on the Maxima is significant and sometimes outright inconvenient. The large V6 takes up so much space it restricts the turning radius of the Maxima making it a pain to park sometimes. The BMW with AWD is great for acceleration stability and keeping the car straight down the road without wrestle the steering wheel.

Maxima had more interior bells and whistles, for things like console storage, cup holders, and sunglasses storage. BMW has better HVAC controls and fancier computer for MPG,MPH,temp,etc.

Maxima has a better AM/FM radio reception but the Bose system isn't as good as the BMW Harmon-Karden with regard to sound quality. Maxima V6 fuel efficiency is 3-4 mpgh better than the BMW I6. And the Maxima seats are more comfortable. The BMW seats are about as comfortable as the foam padded board seat on my old riding mower.

Driving for the fun of driving, the BMW is a better car.

Long range/time driving for comfort/economy, the Maxima is better.

Average cost of ownership favors the Maxima, while overall value often leans in favor of the BMW.

I would buy another Maxima, not sure yet if I'll buy another BMW. We'll see after another 100K miles on the BMW.

I bought my 330xi 2005 used from a dealer. I loved it from the start. It was about $4k more than the crappy Toyota Highlander I was about to go for but when I test drive it I didn't look back. No problems and all pleasure so far. I never bought a Bimmer before and now I'm hooked. Have to get a newer one some day but for the price ($16.3k) this deal is insanely hard to beat. I wish BMW refurbished paint jobs as I know they'd be the only ones I'd trust bring back the luster to original finis.
My parents bought me this car when I turned 16. I am now 18 and still very happy with it.
Best car on the road. No matter how many controls and buttons lexus or audi or acura or any other "luxury" sports sedan manufacturer puts into their vehicles, nothing compares to the superb driving experience you get with a BMW 330xi. On the open road, or on a steep, windy, icy path up to the mountain, BMW's 330xi out performs any of my friends' rides.
Owned it only a year. No problems yet. Handles well on the road and wants to go.