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2006 BMW 330i (3 Reviews)
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The 2008 BMW 330i handles great with good acceleration. But the interior molding on this car is C$#@. It is the cheapest quality I have seen on any car ever. For example, the interior plastic molding on most cars is the same color throughout, but in the 330i it is a white plastic that is painted the desired color. Moving the seat will rub off the paint. Cleaning the car, even the softest cloth can cause the finish to rub off. Just pray that you don't have to actually scrub hard. (My son suggest just peelling it all off would be better than having white patches all over the place.) I suspect they save a few dollars doing it this way, but it was totally unsuspected in a car of this type. In fact, the quality of the interior is so bad that I doubt that I will ever buy another BMW again.
53,000 mi hearing sqeeling noise front brakes.
Local BMW service acknowledges noise but won't replace pads as they do not qualify for replacement as yet. I must live with the squeeling until the brakes qualify for replacement. That's another 16,000 miles. I hope I still have my sanity by then???? Anyone come across this problem? BMW Customer Service has received other calls regarding this. They give the same answer as the Repair Service. Seems to me someone's design is a little faulty but as they don't have to listen to it, I guess it doesn't matter.
I was able to spend 4 months using this as a daily driver. Overall great car, easy to see why the 3-series is so popular with the press and populace. Engine is strong and flexible - nice power range (but not quite enough power for me - need the twin turbo), automatic transmission shifts smoothly and delivers power as it's needed (including manual shifting). The non-sports package seats were a disappointment - not nearly enough support. I find the run-flat tires to be a big downer - they cup as they wear, so they give the driver a grinding feeling when braking hard. Lights and electrical system performed well, as did the interior controls. I'll write another review of the 335i once I get it.