2006 BMW 330Ci Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 BMW 330Ci owners review and rate their 2006 BMW 330Ci.

2006 BMW 330Ci (3 Reviews)
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I will not buy another car unless it is a BMW. I name her Sylvia I love our morning cruz with the rage top down. Man the looks I get....when I am driving her, I am Black female with her hair down blowing in the wind.
Just bought a 2006 330 Ci---4045 miles on it and showroom condition. Drove it 550 miles back home. Handled like a dream--rock solid, sound system to die for, 28.6MPG, Simply a magnificient car in every respect. Can't wait to go look at her in the garage when I get up in the AM:)

The 2006 BMW 330cic truly earns it's badges reputation as the "Ultimate Driving Machine" It is as fun to drive as it is to stare at. The car's lines and fit and finish ooze class and sophistication and impecable detail. Every body junction, panel, and part are placed with absolute precision with very few American Style "press fit" and never fit again parts. Everything can be easily accessed and repaired as if it was designed with a mechanic standing behind every design engineer. Add the "M" badge on the steering wheel with the styled ground effects package and tightened suspension and it will even get a look from the local high school parking lot. The engine delivers a sharp exhaust note that won't turn the heads of the Harley Davidson crowd or encourage letters from the home owners association, but lets your neighbors know "you've arrived in life." It is impeccably European. In sharp turns the tires and suspension will just not let go of the road and the connection between the driver and the road is unmatched by virtually anythin else for less than a quarter million. The engine could stand a few extra horses to push comfortably past the occasional Mustang Racer who thinks he owns a real sports car, but choose a tight twisting road and the pulse will race and the anything in the rear view mirror will quickly dissapear. Virtually nothing has gone wrong with the car in almost 45k miles. My only problem has been the rubber seal around the edge of the convertable top which tore and dissentigrated after about 100 openings but never leaked. It was even replaced free by the local shop with the 50k mile factory warranty (get that kind of service from anything domestic!). Once you add free maintenance for EVERYHTING except for tires within the initial warranty and the heafty pricetag suddenly begins to seem like a bit of a bargain? Overall, this is my favorite car in the stable and why I've owned more than a few bavarian made vessles over the years.