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2002 BMW 330Ci (3 Reviews)
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Had a 1996 318 cabriolet 5 speed for 10 years and loved it. Then bought a 2002 330Ci to upgrade and ... I will never in a million years buy another "Big Money Waster" again. The new engines are black boxes with no diagnostic tools. They can't diagnose the problem. I have paid thousands trying to solve an engine RANDOMLY STALLING that started within 3 months of buying it used from BMW dealer. No one knows how to fix - they have no idea what is wrong. I drive a stalling car as a result. They have over engineered past their own ability, and the consumer pays. Dearly.
330CI...Hair line crack in the expansion tank...Mechanic told me this was a common thing...I didn't think much of it UNTIL a couple of weeks later my daughters car 2003 Z4 developed the same leak.. Here we are a couple of week later and my wallet is not almost two thousand dollars lighter... While I do love driving my 330ci...Gotta tell ya, there are certain things about the fit and finish that are really cheap..all of my window surrounds are cracked and falling apart...door post upholstery both side coming off... mind you I've only just made 80,000 miles and it is garage kept in evenings... Louisiana does not have the harshest of sand and salt during the winters etc...Also had about $1,000 worth of front end suspension work done. I was told the ball joints had worn out..(80,000 miles guys) Unless Moss Motors in Lafayette LA is claiming service work that is not being done..Who knows. Think I'll get a high end Jap trap next go round.
I'm along in my years and have never had a car that is more fun to drive. (It's my wifes and I always come up with an excuse to take it). But, she is looking for a new car and I refuse to buy another BMW simply because of how complicated it is to operate the electronics in it. E.g., Navigation, Radio, etc. Talk about being over engineered!