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2004 BMW 325xi (4 Reviews)
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Bought this car used in 2010 with 90K miles-first mistake buying it; second was keeping it. Nothing but problems. Oil leak, coolant leak, air conditioning had to be replaced, power windows had to be replaced-both motor and glass-cause it exploded while driving. Now sunroof is off track. in 2 1/2 years I have owned this car it has been in the shop every 3 months for something. The only good thing about the car is the brakes. Will never buy another used or new BMW again and will not buy any vehicle from the BMW dealership I bought this one from-within 6 weeks of owning the car had to have a complete tune up. Cannot say anything nice about BMW 325xi.
Wipers Won't Park. For some reason winshield wiper will not Park when it is shut off. This started happening in late 2011. I have read some info that it could be the motor or the relay.
Love it and still no issues at 72,000
All in all a great car - what you would expect from BMW. The biggest problem we have had is with the electrical - the battery keeps dying (even after replacement) and we do not know why. I've been told by AAA that all the electrical gizmos on the car drain the battery but it should hold a charge for more the 24 hours. The other knit is that the heating a cooling is a little complicated to figure out, but after you get the hang of it it works well. With AWD and superb handling a great all-season car for New England.