2003 BMW 325xi Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 BMW 325xi owners review and rate their 2003 BMW 325xi.

2003 BMW 325xi (3 Reviews)
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I just purchased this car yesterday in jet black. On the way home it drove fantastic. Best car I've driven in a while! There are some posts with people that don't agree that this is a good car but i'm very pleased with it. I had it inspected and everything and the dealer paid for the right front control arm and never changed the cars price for me and I did not even know him! So all in all this car checkout to be a great little car for weekends, but if I could make a comment it would be that the steering is a little on the heavy side but yet again its a pretty heavy car. And I love the smell of the leather seats and the touch of the steering wheel.

Great Car for now and the future (I Hope)
I will never purchase a BMW again in my life. I have had nothing but trouble with this car. I bought the car about one year ago. After regular oil changes and tune ups. I was randomly driving down the road and the car caught fire and blew my engine. Of course the insurance is dragging there feet. I am very dis-pleased with the BMW 325xi.
A great little car.