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2006 BMW 325i (19 Reviews)
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Bought this car 5 months ago with 89k miles on it. Now has almost 94k miles. This car drives amazing, and driving became such an enjoyable thing ever since I had it. Maintenance and repair cost are pretty expensive. I have changed alternator and drive belt for $1k, changed blower motor (~$150) by myself, installed LED angel eyes by myself, throughly cleaned intake manifold + changed intake manifold gaskets + replaced MAF sensor + replaced all spark plugs by a repair shop (cost me another grand), replaced oil filter housing gasket ($15) by myself. The front brake pads and rotors are also at the end of their lives. Owning this car with 100k miles is really not a cheap thing to do. All these issues are common but they are ridiculously expensive to fix, and that's why I started to do the job by myself. In a word, I haven't regretted buying this car yet. It looks like a dream and it drives like a dream. MPG after cleaning intake manifold and replacing MAF sensor is much better than before. I'm getting around 25 in mixed driving.
Purchased new in 2006 and has handled beautifully during the time I've had it. several problems that are quite annoying but not critical to the operation of the car: Radio lights never work!!! I remember this issue from literally decades ago, Very surprised that the issue persists. so you have to guess the stations. Cup holders do not last long and the repair or replacement is ridiculously expensive, so no liquids in car since. engine wise the transmission had a slight knock every time I came to a full stop at around 75k, didn't think anything of it until it got worse at 100k when the transmission blew. looking at @$4000 to have a rebuilt transmission installed. not what I was expecting since the car has only been serviced by BMW and the maintenance has been kept religiosly. any repair regrettably is very expensive.
Bought 2006 BMW 325i in 2010 with 60K miles. Bought extended warranty that covered a few issues. It covered both rear window regulators, small tranny leak and coolant leak.
Worked great until it hit 100K miles. Since then, I replaced water pump at 115K mile and starter at 125K miles. Everything else runs great. Rear drive axle just cracked due to terrible roads in Massachusetts cost me $475.
Other than that, it now has 137K miles and I plan on keeping until it hits 200K or my daughter wants it in a few years.
I bought the car in late 2005 always having problem with rear windows on both side they won't go up even after dealer fixed them and the cup holder for driver side won't open for the last 2 years every time I fill up the gas and park in the garage there a strong smell of gas for few days and the trim on the door always pup out event I keep changing the screws
Purchased a new 2006 325i in 2006. Factory warranty great til it runs out. The car has had nothing but problems: Interior-cup holders will not come out, stuck in closed position. Tried to get replacements at dealer, the replacements parts are no match for the originals according to the dealership. Engine: water pump goes out with less than 100k miles, cost $1200. Note: I have a 2001 Chevy suburban with 231k miles and I just replaced the 1st water pump at 221k. Electrical-both left and right blinkers went out due to faulty headlight assembly-repair cost $800. Both rear window regulars go out at the same time as the water pump, rear windows stuck in open position,(Note: the rear windows have never been rolled down), cost to replace windows regulars $1300. This car has not been abused it driven to and from work and some trips out of town, all service has been preformed at the dealership where we purchased the car. All of these repairs happened with in a 6 month period with a car with less than 100k miles. "Ultimate Driving Machine" I think not. One of the worst cars we have ever owned. This was our 1st BMW and it will be our last, we will go back a GM vehicle. Ken/Texas
I am the original owner of my '06 325i. Has 74,000 miles! First four years great with warranty, but hated taking in the car for constant issues.

The BAD: Head gasket leak, $800. Brakes, $500 back, $650 front. Transmission oil leak, $800. Now, valve sensor went out, told a very common problem on these, $1000-because the head gasket has to be removed, I just paid for that! Windshield wiper pump failed, haven't replaced yet, Run flat tires replaced with regular tires, hope I don't get stranded one day. The worst part, warning lights keep going off. Even if you repair or maintain the car other than the dealer, lights remain on, Urghh!

The GOOD: amazing handling, especially with the sport package I upgraded to, takes turns and curves like a porsche! Descent gas mileage. Love the bluetooth. Phenomenal handling and steering. Good safety, lots of airbags, curtains too, nice to know as I'm always taking my kid to and from school, soccer practice etc.

I love the car, but I'm starting to have constant issues. Even the smallest repairs cost hundreds, hope I can afford to keep it, don't want another car payment.
Bought new and still have with 54K miles, it has been a great car other then a few here and there just like any other car. I tend to believe that those that had big issues with this car bought used, I wouldn't buy a used BMW as it is always expected that the previous owner in most cases leased it and drove it hard knowing that they are not keeping it. Buy new and you'll be happy, take care of it and it will take care of you!
I have owned my 2006 325 going on 5 years. bought it used from carmax with 22k on it.It now has over 65k. Had one engine concern
that could have been a hugh expense, a bolt head had broken off
to an oil port. The oil was pouring out of the front of the head/block..I was lucky and had a local independant shop(Tri-Star)
repaired it..I replaced front brakes, used Napa rotors with factory
pads and sensors..cost alot less..Gets good gas mileage, 25mpg plus..Has been a great car..
Well I have had this car for 5 months now, it is a 2006 325i and had 43,000 miles on it when I bought it. The module for the xenon headlights went out and cost me $600, recently had the brakes replaces, new rotors and a new brake sensor... down $557 bucks, something is wrong with the stereo so you can barely see what is says (sometimes) so that needs to be replaced.... It's just one headache after another... Ugh
purchased new, now 5 years old with only 44k miles, but lots of city driving. at 20k or so, i needed a new engine - the coolant leaked inside it. other new-car issues were the lights on door handles going out. both handled under warranty. post warranty, at 44k, needed new front bushings. generally been very dependable - i hope my new engine lasts! while i love the engine's responsiveness and the steering (especially), i marked both down above because of issues noted in write-up. i hope i don't get the problems others on this board get! it is a very expensive car to keep re: maintenance. oil changes are expensive. as is everything else. I replaced run flats with reg tires, with air pump and slime in the trunk - it worked on the one flat i got with this car.
Purchased this car as a CPO for local dealership and it has been the worst $34,000 I have ever spent. It's great as long as it is under the full warranty, but even with BMW taking care of the costs there has still be a ton of issues. Run-flat tires stink, radio system had to be completely replaced, both back window motors have failed causing the windows to fall down on their own, driver-side mirror falls out of place every time door shuts, paint peels off the black "sides" on the roof and interior door handle peels constantly. I can't believe I spent this much money for this much headache!!! Regret ever purchasing car...first BMW and last BMW!
i have regreted ever getting this has been one aggravation after another and very expensive...BMW stands for BUST MY WALLET!.. electircal issues are the worst issues i have had.
Beautiful car with great gas mileage; However had problem with electronic steering lock (required steering column replacement ~$1000). Now have transmission fluid leak without any way to check level (told I need to have mechatronic seal replaced ~$500). Also have a clicking sound coming from blower motor at low speeds and have excessive brake dust collect on rims. I have converted to radial tires because I hated the run flats, but there is no compartment for a spare tire. These problems make me regret the purchase of the car.
Purchased car used in 2010,had to replace leaking oil and transmission gaskets. Heating stalled for one full day,windshield fluid dispenses inconsistantly. Possible computer glitch.
Overall the car is great. Make sure you have a warranty. Broke down on me once but BMW took care of the tow and repair.
purchased used. GREAT car.
good car , luv this car .
I owned a 325i for 2 years and loved every minute of it. Not once in two years did I experience even the smallest problem whatsoever with my car. Even more, I loved the fabulous service provided by BMW dealerships and service professional.

Oh BMW, how I'll miss you.....