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2005 BMW 325i (8 Reviews)
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The transmission wennt out 2000 miles after warranty. The car had a complete inspection at 99000 miles and the dealer saw nothing wrong. Dealer wanted 8000 to replace the transmission with only 2 year new warranty.
My dad has a BMW 325i, and I want to steal it. Fun to drive, it's been very reliable, and he hasn't spent much on maintenance and nothing on repair. The brakes are expensive, but they were under warranty. The oil changes are expensive, but you only have to do them once a year or less.
bought the car new and drove little first few years. they do burn through brakes but stop ona dime. they do wear out thrust bushings but handle like n rails. the plastic does fall off car; buy some good glue. the window regulators fail, no reason for that just poor design. The idler pulleys are going now... with 49k miles all these have needed repair. All I can say is BMW builds a great car to drive but you will pay a price for it. If you like to drive and what you drive these things are great. The purr of the inline 6 reminds me of my old 280zx. You can run the pants off these things and they wont wimper a bit. If you want mtnce free better look to the rising sun (japanese.) they engineer for reliability. Nissan is making great cars again. Will I do another Bimmer? sure. Not new though. the economy and wife's debilitating injury requires we watch the budget. You can buy them used cheap!

Buy the tools and the book.
We bought this car in Monroe, GA about 2 months ago. Had almost $52k miles on it.
Today the ac started smoking and went out. Took it to our local BMW dealership to get it checked out, not only was the a/c out but we were told it needed a crankcase vent valve, hoses, evaporator, dryer, a/c line, intake boot, oil filter housing, rear brakes and lower control arm bushings. The estimate was over $5,600!!!! I seriously doubt I'll ever buy another use BMW.
bad transmission.oil lick
I like the car, overal looks and performs well - now at 110,000 miles. Although I don't expect perfection at this age there are a number of little things that have failed, some because of poor design or inferior parts/materials; all of which add up very quickly; e.g., taillight bulb assembly board, HID headlight went out (few hundred $'s in repairs), inside trunk release, lower control arms, leaking valve cover gasket, and leaking door seals.
Despite these annoyances, this is my third BMW (3 series) and is unlikely to be my last.
This car has been trouble. Let me list... Breaks, taillights, headlight lenses, power steering pump, window washer pump, a/c compressor, front passenger window, even replacing bulbs in the car is not easy. We had to order the taillight bulbs off the Internet because no parts stores carried them and the BMW dealer wanted a small fortune for a set!

I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota. I've changed the brakes and scheduled fluids. It runs great! I will not buy another BMW.
We have an 05 BMW 325i with 89K miles(owned it since 20K) and approx 60K are highway miles. I'm religous about my scheduled maintainance(dusty TX conditions). Great car to drive... be prepared for mechanical (peripherals) and/or electrical issues when the warranty runs out. We've had 3 confirmed oil leaks, head rest mechanism broke replaced(45K) and are wearing out again(we DON'T even adjust them)... i notice a trend. Front passenger window gear is malfunctioning, rear taillight lens cover leaked and shorted out the tail light assembly(replaced). Alternator fried and overcahrged the battery(leaked acid in the battery pan)... fun mess to clean out of the truck when it exploded. Now the A/C compressor stopped working. I'm fed up with this car. The last few things have happened in the last 3 weeks. I have a dodge truck that's two yrs older with nearly double the mileage and the only things i've needed to replace were the Exhaust o2 sensors and I did that myself. I maintain my vehicles very well and BMW makes it next to impossible to work on those vehicles with every speial tool known to man!!! You best be able to afford the warranty and/or afford to trade in on a regular basis! Not what I expected in the way of quality!