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2002 BMW 325i (26 Reviews)
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2002 BMW 325I
Bought this as a used car. It has been a nightmare of repairs, even parts that have been changed out they break again. Save your money and do not buy a used 325i.
2002 BMW 325I
These are good cars...until they aren't. I bought mine in 2013. Drove great for a several months. Then the transmission blew. Apparently this is an incredibly common problem on the automatic transmission version. An auto transmission blowing at under 150,000 miles with a $5,000+ price tag for a rebuilt? There is no used luxury car worth this expense of trouble. I will never buy another used BMW again. These cars are nice but not necessarily durable. Your mileage (and luck) may vary.
2002 BMW 325I
We have a troublesome situation with our 2002 BMW 325i (E46). We recently discovered that each of the rear door stanchions has an orange sticker affixed to it stating "side airbag not operational" with an ID code of "7 008 026". We don't know who or where the stickers were put on the car but believe it was done at the factory in Munich. We had purchased the car in July 2002 while living overseas and had taken delivery at the factory after which BMW arranged for it to be shipped to us upon our return to the USA. Has anyone had a similar experience with this type of sticker or does anyone have any explanation for why the stickers were required ???
2002 BMW 325I
I wrote a review here in Oct 2012, Well I'm happy to report the 325i is still running great! I did have to replace the fuel pump at 175k and the injectors, but after that its been like having a new car. I've since replaced my 325es and 330 convertible with a Mini Cooper convertible aka tiny race car BMW as my 3 year old calls it and a 2007 jeep Grand Cherokee, which was free. The 325 is still the best ride out there. I'll report back at 250k
2002 BMW 325I
I have a 2002 BMW 325i and its great 185000 and just breaking it in. I just have this recent problem, I was for a drive and out of no were my radio just turned off and since then I haven't been able to turn it on since its now going on for three days now. I've checked the fuses and there are fine. Has anyone had this problem and if so what is the problem and how to fix it?
2002 BMW 325I
I purchased my 2002 325i new in Dec of 02. Been driving it like a maniac ever since (now 2013). 242,000+ miles. I am getting a 2011 328i next week (company car..what can i say).

The 325i though has been a fantastic car. Replaced the valve cover once, that's the farthest I've had to go in the engine. Other than that, replaced the alternator once, battery once, and all of the window regulators at least once (my only gripe). Also replaced the blower motor resistor numerous times (well I guess I had two gripes).

Tires every 40,000, brakes every 40,000. Full synthetic every change. Nothing but high test.

If I could find one with low mileage, I'd buy it in a heart beat. I love this car.
2002 BMW 325I
I bought my 325i brand new. I have also owned a 325es and a 330 convertible. However my 325i check engine light came on while on the freeway and I immediately pulled over. I had it towed to the dealership where they claim the engine lost compression due to a crack or warping. They claimed it was also the colling system. so after $2500 for an all new cooling system nothing worked and the thats when the claim that the engine block had craked or warped arose. BMW wanted $15,000 at the time to replace the engine. I lost my mind over that. So I searched online for a used motor. I found one with les mileage and a shop that would install it. So far its running great, a little louder that the original engine but we are looking into that. Also because I let the car sit for a year all passeneger regulators went bad. I had to replace those as well as all of the brake rotors and pads. Next is to get the rear lights fixed hopefully via the recall that I just happened to see on this site. Even with these issues I'd still recommend the BMW. The 325 had over 300,000 mile before my daughter totaled it and I'm sure I could of got another 300,000 if I kept it. The 330i had a head gasket issue but once fixed it was awesome. Nothing rides better than a BMW and having one repaired even to 60% of its value in this economy is a lot cheaper than buying a new one or even a used one.
2002 BMW 325I
Purchased 2002 325i with 150k on it in 08. Since then I have put 70k miles on it and have had only minor problems since. What REALLY matters in purchasing a used vehicle (BMW) or otherwise is if the previous owner took care of the car.

There are always occasional lemons for every make and model. Overall this has been "Anne" excellent vehicle. I have no complaints. Cheers!
2002 BMW 325I
boufgt used with 200000 miles so far no problems keep u updated
2002 BMW 325I
I bought new in 2001. I have 58k miles on, first 5 years with minor problems fixed in the dealer. Then replaced three regulators and one is bad again. water pump changed two years ago, I have been told it is leaking again, air conditioning is not functioning now. And its engine service soon light is on now. If fix it all it will cost more than 3k~4k. Mileage is so low, it seems I have to give it up.
2002 BMW 325I
I bought my BMW new in 2002. I have 47K miles on her. I have replaced all four window regulatorsand am on my third battery. I love driving my car but I am also having the problem of it stalling when I am going very slow like to make a turn or pull up to gas pump. It always starts up again but this is very annoying and unsafe. When it stalls, I lose my power sterring. Repair shop did diagnostics but does not know why this happens. I hope to drive it ten more years!!
2002 BMW 325I
hi guys i have an 02 325i and just so you guys know the window regulator in this car is probably the easiest ive ever seen to replace oreilly auto parts sales the reg for about 60 bucks and there is three bolts holding it in all in all it took me about 20 mins to swap out the regulater and install the window motor very easy also for you enthusiast who want to squeeze a little more power out of the 2.5 add a k an n airfilter and cutoff the rear muffler and straight pipe it out the back not only does it free up a little horsepower but it gives it a great sound i must hand it to bmw they build a great motor and the sound mine has now is exactly how i want it to sound you see those cars on top gear and hear them and say man i wish mine sounded that way just cut huge muffler out and there ya go eventually plan on add a 3.0 twin turbo motor to mine
2002 BMW 325I
Purschased new now have 130,000 runs good and handles exceptionally well. have had 3 of the 4 regulators repalced for $900 so be expecting you too wil have the opportunity to visit your local Bimmer dealer. I too have brake light and battery indicator lights on the dash come on and off at times, also agree with the cost to service at the dealer is crazy, my mercedes service is cheaper than the BMW and the mechanics are TRUE experts.
QUESTIONS: has anoyone heard a very failt noise from the center dash area with the key out and everything off? almost sounde like hissing very very faint.
Also anyone know if it is possible to fix the radio on off volumn knob. Mine will not turn off until you try 10-20 times or more, volumn is ok.
Thanks all keep the Bimmer Faith..........

2002 BMW 325I
Bought it at 83000 miles in 2010. Having 93K today, i did not see any window regulator problem yet, but after 6 months i noticed that fan is over engaging and its loud sluggish and also i feel like i m lacking power. Went on like that for a while and finally frustrated and got it diagnosed and found that i need to change the fan clutch(don't buy OEM) and thermostat. What a difference car is back to normal, again its fun to drive.
Comments above about the window regulators are scary, i didn't have any yet, but looks they will fail on me some time down the road.
Pros: Funnnn to drive
Cons: Many minor things fail
2002 BMW 325I
Got the car brand new in 2002, with automatic transmission and the deluxe package. It's been a pleasure to drive and it's hard not to get carried away by many of the well thought out design elements. After 10 years, I only have 68K miles on it and it has been fairly reliable with the usual maintenance. No major issues with the engine and transmission, but the smaller issues do take away from the full pleasure of owning this car and make you wonder if you should get a BMW again. These are irritating problems that you do not expect to see in a premium car.

(a) The biggest problem you will hear from anyone is the crappy window regulator design. And I mean crappy with a Capital C. The "regulator" is just a fancy word for a mechanical linkage that connects the window motor to the glass. One fine day it decides to start shreiking and die. The window refuses to move or just drops down into the door. In the regulator design there's a small plastic part that guides the steel cable and the part inevitably breaks or _melts_ due to heat. I have had to replace 3 windows so far and the 4th now needs repair. 99% of the time I drive the car alone and the windows don't get any stress. The first happened a few months into buying the car. It costs anywhere from $200-$600 to fix depending on where/who does the work.

(b) The second problem is the electrical wiring. Apparently, BMW decided to use a lower gauge wiring than required, which means the wire can burn out and leave you with a perennial "lights out indicator" on the dash, or worse, signaling lights that won't work. BMW finally 'fessed up and issued a recall for this in September 2011 due to it's safety implications.

(c) The third problem has been the window gutter near the roof. In the 325i, this is plastic (chrome on the 330i) and apparently just stuck to the car using adhesive. I have had it come slightly loose, enough to pick up wind noise while driving or let in water in a heavy rain. I asked a shop to fix it and first they weren't sure if the part was available, then got an estimate for $400 to fix one side.

(d) Other people have mentioned that the wheels pick up a lot of brake dust. This is very true, but I will give it a pass because the BMW brakes are very good.

(e) The biggest issue you will have with owning this car is the dealer. Any issue from a simple oil change, transmission fluid change, battery replacement to anything larger is going to cost you 2X to 3X of what you would pay for another car. And knowing this, you are always weary of going to a dealer and looking for smaller independent shops. And these shops may claim BMW expertise, but sometimes it becomes apparent that they don't. Went for a battery replacement and the guy pops the hood and starts scratching his head because he can't find the battery. The battery is in the trunk. Or getting an oil change done and the guy can't reset the service indicator. (instructions are on the web).

BMW really needs to fix the Window issue, it's beyond the normal failure rate for any car, let alone a premium car. The rest I will let slide.
2002 BMW 325I
bought my 2002 bimmer with 138000 beatiful inside and out two previous female owners i think alot of the problems with these cars have to do with previous owners i love it n have alot of fun with tight handling n steering would like to add a couple bolt on parts for more power but for a 2.5 liter it really is amazing what a driving machine it really is cant wait too get in an m3 next
2002 BMW 325I
Good car to drive but lots of minor mechanical problems that are expensive to reapir.
2002 BMW 325I
I bought my 02 325i in september of 09 with 90k on it. the only problems I've had with her are: the "check engine" light spontaneous turns on and off, when she's cold the power steering has a tendency to go out, the suspension bushings come loose often, and she likes to burn motor oil, I always use Mobil 1 synthetic and half way between oil changes I have to add several extra quarts, luckily motor oil is cheap at Wal-Mart!
Cons aside, when I turn my car on, she returns the favor.
2002 BMW 325I
I absolutlely LOVE my Beemer!!! I'll never go back to a domestic vehicle again. The feel and telegraphing of the road, the care and craftsmanship of the entire vehicle is unsurpassed in my opinion. What an ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE!!!!!
2002 BMW 325I
This car has some weak points that cloud the overall ownership experience. My problems so far:

Rear window regulators. It seems like there is a 100% failure rate on the the rear window regulators and at $350 a window this is not trivial.

Front window regulators: The fronts have not failed yet but are slow and as a result I avoid using them.

Cooling system: This year has a tendency towards cooling system failures. My fan clutch had to be replaced and the service advisor is recommending replacement of the water pump and reservoir to head off the inevitable failure at 60k miles.

Lights: The side marker lights fogged up and had to be replaced. The interior door switch failed and required replacement.

Brakes: brake life is not long and complete replacement at $1300 is a heavy price to pay.

Mystery stalling: If I make a U-turn and don't keep the gas on, the car stalls. Sometimes it just stops on a bridge or making a left turn out of my development. This is a scary problem that so far has no diagnosis.

My car also has the weird fan speed problem in which the fan pulses at high then low speed. This is annoying but apparently there is a fix for this.

The ride has lost the compliency that is so good when new. My other BMW has 127k miles and rides better than this one!

Summary: an expensive car to own. Look at alternatives that can provide similar quality with lower costs from Lexus or Acura. This car can make you truly miserable with repair costs. If you do own one, make sure you trade or sell the car when there is some service agreement and warranty left.

2002 BMW 325I
Purchased my car new. No problems until 2008, when I had to replace tires. In 2009, had window motor on passenger side replaced. May 2010 I had the power steering pump replaced and left back lights cost $1,011.00. Car does not look dated and is fun to drive; however, it is very expensive to repair.
2002 BMW 325I
Bought this certified used in 2004 with only 10K miles. I've put 85K miles on it and have had no real issues. Only normal maintenance, which I do myself. Car is on its third set of front brake pads and nearing another change so it does like to eat brake pads. I'll try ceramic pads next time. Only non-maintenace part replaced was the thermostat. Car is fun to drive, especially on windy roads. Wish it had more power. AWD is a life saver in the snow and even when its just wet. I'm extremely happy with this car.
2002 BMW 325I
Had every electrical problem mentioned in the previous reviews. Replaced all 4 window regulators. All 4 turning lights had problem, bulbs are fine. Local BMW dealer wanted $400 dollars to "fix".
2002 BMW 325I
2002 BMW 325I
All problems listed in most of the comments i have had, brake issuses,window issuses,light issuses,but i still love my car -go figure
2002 BMW 325I
My 325i 2002 is nice had to put a little money
in it to keep it up & riding good, overall Fun to drive beemmer!