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2001 BMW 325i (15 Reviews)
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I have had the cable break on the driver's front window 3 times also 2 times on the front passenger side and 1 time on the left back window.
I bought my 2001 Bmw 325i and it is amazing I tested a race with my 2011 Honda Accord Ex-L 3.5 v6 and the 325i beat it big time and it only has a 2.5 V6.

I bought my 2001 325i from a BHPH dealership, ya i know but really i have had non major problems and i drive constantly, i made freaquent trip from FT. Campbell to FT Stewart 9 hr drive and couldnt ask for better miles to gallon, on ly one fill up everytime. Recently had ignition coils replaced yet costly but has restored all lost power. Only problem now is i have this leak when i top off the gas tank and dont know if i can afford to take it in, wondering if someone has same problem and how to fix it..? thank... I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've wanted this car for as long as I can remember, finally I got it 4 months ago and it was the biggest mistake of my life I have to fix all most eveything :(
I've had this car for five years now and I have definitely become very close with my mechanic. I am honestly almost a part of their family now. They drive me to work when my car is getting repaired, offer to feed me as I wait...all of this to say that I've been there a lot. This is not what I was hoping for when I bought this car. Being a higher end vehicle I thought that I'd have to do less but it's been the opposite. It looks good, but the parts as I was just told, are all plastic, hence the constant repairs. I've had to fix my rear back window once due to the faulty regulators others mentioned, and the side window is going too. I just don't put it down for now because I've been too busy fixing the turning signals oh about five times now, the radiator, water pump, hoses, crank starter thingy, and too many other things to mention. I had a Toyota before this (bottom of the line Tercel), and all I ever had to do with it was oil changes, brakes, and a front axle because California roads are so bad. I had that car for 12 years and I didn't have to do a quarter of the things I had to do with this one in just five. Granted, the car is 10 years old total, but it only had about 58,000 miles on it when I got it. Either someone lied, or this car is just more trouble then it's worth. It looks good though.

Purchased the car new as a "demo" car. Within 6M miles the front shield and outside temperature gauge near the tires broke- I had to pay even though BMW claims warranty- Next I hear that the undershield in the BMW needed repairs- Appears that the dealer who sold the car had accident not reported to TX and fixed the car poorly to sell.

Then in 2009, I had the generator replaced with a battery at the Woodlands BMW dealer for a fortune. A few thousand miles later when I do a regular fluid check, I found the bolts to the battery stand in the engine and had to replace it myself because the service was not quality checked to make sure all bolts and nuts are put back to secure what was removed for the service. So be very careful of the service centers that do not care- And that is because there is no customer service in the main BMW NA center that oversees all these dealers and service centers
So watch for these sleasly dealers and BMW NA does not respond favorably for help and has minimal customer service- actually no service help or assistance- HONDA is much better and cheaper to maintain and has excellent customer service from the national service center. Honda values their customers unlike BMW. Even though the car has been pretty good since the above initial problems, I would not recommend a BMW to anyone else because of extremely poor customer service after a purchase or after a service that was done poorly.
This car is a joy to drive, and if you take care of the engine and drive train, it will take care of you. A lot of miscellaneous issues for me though: window regulators, HVAC fan, actuators, sun roof, etc. These things can add up, but worth it for such a great vehicle. Good gas mileage for a performance car as well.
Great overall car but...
- poor window regulators. Mine have been replaced 3 times already on all windows. And they are expensive ($350 on average per window)
- Electrical problems (fan blower, lights etc.) are frequent
- Clutch replaced at 120K miles
- Fuel pump failed at 70K miles
Very easy to drive, you can feel the power and control at same time
The best car ever I love it for ever
The BMW325I with the sport package is very responsive and quick.
2001 BMW 325i This baby is a blast to drive and handles like a slot car car going around curves. Get extended warranty or trade in after 50k/miles. In shop way too much. AC: defective water pump; rear window regulator;exterior trim falling off; front suspension control arms; steering box; camshafts sensor failure; faulty head gasket; just to name a few repairs. Be prepared to be on a 1st name basis with your mechanic and volunteer for overtime hours at works to get get money to pay for repairs. Other than that great car.
I have owned a 2001 BMW 325i for a little over a year now. It definitely has its high points, such as the brakes and such. I bought the car from an owner who didn't know to actually take care of a car, and now I'm taking the repercussions of what he did (i.e.- drove the car like a maniac, let the car sit out in the sun, let the tires get so low in air pressure to the point of nearly blowing up).

It is a very nice car, but you have to actually take care of it. Right now, I've gone through over $10k worth in repairs because he was careless about the car.

Overall, the car is reliable, even after all of the repairs. I would recommend it to anyone.
what a great car i had this car brand new since 2001 i had no problem with 125,000 miles suddenly the check engine light came on and i develop oil leaks ,crankshaft and camshaft sensor light problem soon after i replace these parts every thing was ok the key here is maintenance regular oil changes every 4,000 miles
having constant issues recent,,,needing a really good mechanic!