1995 BMW 325i Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 BMW 325i owners review and rate their 1995 BMW 325i.

1995 BMW 325i (5 Reviews)
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security system battery has gone dead security system will not allow me to start car .what can i do to over-ride the security system to start my car I bought the car second hand and it does not have the original radio and would that be a problem
I love my car but it has had minor fix that have been pricie! Until I recently,I found this cite called The only problem is my seat is stuck all the back and dont know what to replace!
purchased a 1995 325iA with 170,000 miles on it and have been loving it. Some kid had owned it before so a few poor quality aftermarket parts had to be stripped, and the radiator was held in with zip ties, but after a few dollars on the proper parts and a little maintenance it runs and drives like a dream. I have owned a few cars in my time but the 325 is probably going to be rebuilt so it will go another 200,000. I really like this car!
I have a 1995 BMW 325i, and i parley but on 105,000 miles. It is a great car and very well maintained.. I love it have plan on buying another very soon.
learn to fix yourself or pay $1000 a year

things that will need service
Auto tran 70000 3k
h2o pump 60000 1k
radiator 80000 * with above
smog 85000 1k
suspension 90000 2k