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1994 BMW 325i (8 Reviews)
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I've owned my BMW 1994 325i convertible for four years it had 165,000 miles when I bought it. It had a few cosmetic issues, mostly plastic items,which is to be expected but the engine runs like a clock.I've been replacing parts as I can and now I am at a point where I am very happy. There is 184,000 miles on it now and a problem has started to occur periodically, the dashboard lights all come on and the speed and odometer needles will jump back and forth then the lights all go dark and the needoes drop to zero. All the while the car is running smooth just purring down the road.I love this car! My son will inherent this car when I die but the dash lights are a little aggravating. I hope it's an easy fix.
I'm the original owner of a 1994 alpine white 325i. It's getting close to 150,000 miles, but still running the original exhaust (has been slowly going for 10 years) and clutch. How radical is that? Still no leaks whatsoever. Time is just beginning to deteriorate some items that weren't meant to last for 18 years. Still servicing it when the computer indicates, and installing a new set of tires every 55,000 miles. This car is amazing!
I have a Black 1994 325is and its the best car i ever owned. My sister had a 2007 cadillac cts and my car will put it to the test,and thats years apart.The Body shape and overall design is great looking and it drives as good as it looks. I drove a bmw325ix 2006 adn my 94 was a way better drive. Awsome car!!!!
Great paint body
I own my 1994 BMW325i RED Convertible for 7 years now. I purchased it from a Mercedes pre-certified dealer it had 34K miles and everything was immaculate in and out. At first I continued to maintenance at the BMW dealership but found a private Mercedes/BMW Repair shop (Star Repair shop Margate Fl) who is awesome with my car. Does absolutely everything I ask him to do regardless how small & detailed. Had both window regulators changed, Trunk CD changer was replaced twice - and rear directional/tail light inserts needed to be hard wired to stop false readout on dashboard (still works normally with this done). Run of the mill repairs. Fuel Pump, Brakes, hoses/belts and such. Oil changes and tuneups regularly as needed. All in all I love my car - everywhere I go and any auto shop I visit always brings new admirers who want to buy my car. They say 'whenever' you want to sell it pls call me first... Only thing right now is that my convertible top (which looks absolutely spanking brand new) is shrinking a bit at the rear quarters and the plastic window, although very clear and clean is beginning to dry out a bit. I need a new rag top (undercovering is still brand new). Since the 1994 model was the only year the convertible top was made with relief pockets at the rear quarters it's hard to find a new one.
This car engineering is the best and the paint job is awesome and therefore the car always looks and runs great! Even if I buy another car - I will still keep this one..... Lily
I bought this car in '02 with 120k miles on it and drove it for about 4yrs before I crashed it (I was driving drowsy on the fwy when I lost control, spun and crashed, rear ending the center divider) @170k miles. It wasn't maintained well when I got it but it still was a solid performer. It needed many repairs through the years - from worn out shock absorbers to bushings - and it was well worth the expense. While the exterior is still the best looking car, in my opinion, the interior sagged and rattled annoyingly as it aged. The engine was in excellent shape even after the crash and it seemed it would have easily done another 150k miles. What impressed me the most was when I crashed the car, it automatically shut the engine, lowered the windows, and turned the emergency light on - all by itself - while I sat in there dazed. Right away, the highway patrol traveling on the opposite direction saw me and came my way, zig-zagging to slow the traffic, and I was able to walk away without a hitch. Impressive car all the way through!!
Overall I think the bmw 325i convertable is friking awsome!!! looking car with the long front end they have just sets them apart BMW did a great job on the cars body to bad they didnt cary it on to the 2000 model convertible so I hade to buy a vette but still love my 1994 bimmer !!. ill never get rid of it!! Dont get me wrong I like the sadans to!!
love this car more every day.