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1993 BMW 325i (5 Reviews)
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1993 BMW 325I
My brother gave me his 93 BMW 325i and at first it was working good no problems what so ever in the first couple of years. or so i thought, until it started to give me some problems. first of all the car would turn on great but after a while when you wanted to turn it on again it wouldn't turn on anymore. At first i thought that it was the battery, but i knew that it couldn't be that because my brother had bought a brand new battery for it. That was one problem that occurred, after that i didnt use the car for a while and when i turned it on to let it heat up after it hadn't been on in while the car seemed to accelerate it self with the touch of any button and signal lever. till this day i have not been able to fix it due to the fact that i am still unsure of what the problem may be.
1993 BMW 325I
i flushed my car keys down the toilet. how much would it cost to get my car keys replaced?
1993 BMW 325I
I have a 93 bmw 325i.. it has over 200,000 miles on it... who ever owned it before me must have lowered it somehow especially in the front... i mean its a cute car but expensive to fix.... its in need of a rear wheelbearing replacement and thats one thing i am sure of.. it makes a really loud howling noise while driving.. and its constant... im also pretty sure i need to replace the brakes.. i have already put alot of money replacing things on this car and cant affored right now to fix the other problems.... but im sure contining to drive it in its condition is probably not good and could maybe be makin the problems worse.... ahhhhh
1993 BMW 325I
Great car but if you dont have the money its a pain in the neck, wallet and maybe your heart. I bonded so much to it that it hurts to send it for repairs.
1993 BMW 325I
I've had this car a couple years now. I've had to spend some money in maintenance and repairs, and have been struggling with a persistent 02 sensor problem, but I can't help but adore the car. It just feels so good to drive it. And the more I learn about it the more I appreciate the work that went in to designing it to perfection. I've never had a car that was just "Regular Maintenance", there is always some work involved, especially with the roads the way they are in this country, but this car has been good to me.