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1991 BMW 325i (4 Reviews)
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I purchased a 1991 325i that was not even running with 143k miles. I had it towed from the owners house to a shop to determine the problem. The mechanic said that the timimg belt had broken. He said, after changing the belt, the heads has to be serviced. I was told there were two burnt valves and has to be relaced. The mechanic estimated a cost of $1,500.00 to get this car running decent. I agreed to have it fix. Then I was told to change the water pump, that I had to pay for extra. The mechanic calls and tells me that the temperature gauge is not working and now its' a problem that an electrician has to repair, and mowe money out of my pocket. Now I feel like I'm being robbed because, I as the question, is it best to fix the problem, or install another engine. I figure for that price the car should be superb. Can anyone relate to this problem? Please respond.
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This car has been great for me. I purchased several years ago and have had only minor problems that you would expect from a 20 yr old BMW. This car is solid, I plan on doing a full rebuild and keeping the car for years to come.
The only problems I have with the car are as follows: The right side of the dash lights went out plus the one on the thermometer and clock, the speedometer/odometer have quit working for a while every once in a while but they come back when you start the car again usually, the sunroof froze up on me and won't slide open, and the steering has a slight rattle on bumpy roads.

That said I love the car. It is amazing in so many ways. Good gas mileage, power, and style. It's German engineered. It's Reliable. It's everything you could ever ask for...just add a CD/mp3 player.