2000 BMW 323Ci Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 BMW 323Ci owners review and rate their 2000 BMW 323Ci.

2000 BMW 323Ci (2 Reviews)
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I just got a 2000 323ci. Worst thing I ever did. Before that I got a 1997 bmwti and it was the best buy I ever did. Like the body style of the 2000 323ci but everything else sucks. Too much problem. It will cost me more to fix it than what I paid for it.
This is my fourth BMW and the first one with too many problems: Steering flexible join to be replaced, valve lifters to be replaced, driver's fron corner light broken, two back up lights fell, sunroof screen tracks to be's being a nightmare which I didn;t suffer before not even with my oldest 1997 328i
It's a shame but have to say this is the worst BMW ever owned...I'd recomend to go avoid this year's edition and go up one year...skip 2000 production at all.