1997 BMW 318i Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 BMW 318i owners review and rate their 1997 BMW 318i.

1997 BMW 318i (3 Reviews)
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Excellent Car. I have 305,000 miles and have never done anything to the engine except normal maintenance. I bought this car brand new in 97 and still have the original clutch. Most expensive work done was the Catalytic Converter. This is the most bullet proof motor I have ever seen ! Even the mechanics at BMW are amazed when I bring in for service.
This car deals well with good and bad Bahamian roads, hurtles round corners and gives great gas mileage. The styling is timeless and people always assume that the car cost way more than it actually did. Once you stay on top of the common problems you have yourself a top ride for not many dollars.
This Car marked the breakthrough of BMW. Its a car that refuses to age and that even nowadays you see people wanting this model for its looks and incredible speed! I travel 8000 miles twice a year on two road trips and also use it for every day use and i have never had any problems with it apart from maintenance stuff like oil tyres etc and this is my 8th year in a row that i do these trips!