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1996 BMW 318i (3 Reviews)
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well i hit the curb just the other night and after that my car started to overheat check the oil pan thats fine have x brace so cant hit that it started leaking antifreez after that from the rear and smoking and now its not leaking anymore but smokes from he heater valve area but still cat tell if its the heater valve just smokes from the rear by the heater valve cant figure it out ?
Have 76,000 miles and love this car, drives like new. Have 4 cylinder engine has plenty of pep and gets good gas mileage. Have replaced water pump and a/c compressor once. Since it is a convertible, have replaced cloth top once. Have hardtop as backup whenever it gets too hot.
I bought this car for my 19 year old so fall of 2009 with 127,000 miles on it. I wound up having to replace the Tstat and Housing along with the water pump and Radiator cap right away as the car was overheating. The radiator reservoir is plastic and has a very small crack in it which requires once a week monitoring of the fluid. It's a fairly complex fix so I am waiting a little before I replace it.

The 5 speed drives and handles really well with good power and acceleration while getting an average of 30 plus MPG.

One other issue is the driver's side plastic window guide broke allowing the window to fall out of it's forward guide. An easy but timie consuming fix and the parts weren't too expensive.