2003 Audi TT Quattro Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Audi TT Quattro owners review and rate their 2003 Audi TT Quattro.

2003 Audi TT Quattro (4 Reviews)
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Great car loved it so I bought a newer one 2008 with 3.2 love it even more.
Love my tt,but can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? It has a banging sound which only makes a noise in 1st gear on acceloration.It sounds like it is coming from the front driver's side wheel.It is not the gearbox,could this be a strut top mount or a bush of somekind.It has been to the garage and they are having difficulties in finding the problem.I have been told that everything is fine,obviously not as i can feel the knock through the footwell.
Regards M Rogers
2003 TT Quatro 6 speed manual: Headlight low beams occasionally don't work. Replaced both balast & both bulbs ($300 parts); lights still don't work regularly. Dash indicator shows headlight out when they're both working. Can't seem to fix this headlight problem - got pulled over several times for no headlight(s). Often try to start engine & alarm goes off. At 115k miles the shifter fork broke inside manual transmission leaving the car stuck in first gear; $2,500 repair at local shop.
This car is one of the best bang for your buck. My friends call it a Poor man's Porsche...It is well designed, well executed and well balanced. After driving alternatives, I cannot find a vehicle that drives as well, parks anywhere, and is good on gas. I average approx 24MPG.