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2004 Audi S4 (2 Reviews)
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Fab friends call it my rocket! Brake dust accumulates fast on rims...but brakes and handling have already saved me from one sure accident. Engine eats oil (normal!) like gas (1 quart/1000 miles). Strut bearings need a check for wear...hearing noises after 100K mi...
Love the car! Has been proud owner for a year now, had some problems, but thankfully had them taken care of by extended warranty. The most major one was the replacement of the steering rack. So highly recommend getting one from a trusted provider as any labor is expensive on that car. Recently (after 35K miles) replaced brake pads/rotors for front. Came up to $460 (parts, labor and taxes), not too bad. Sine the engine is heavy, the front brakes go out much sooner than rear. I still have 70% left on them.