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1999 Audi A8 Quattro (1 Review)
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Bought my "dream car" from a dealer in Cleveland. Two weeks after, the transmission needed to be rebuilt (later found out that the tranny in the car was a refurbished one from some time ago). This is a Z type tranny which I now know is one of the most complicated trannys out there. One year after rebuild ($4200), the SAME issues happened again. Transmission shop now says the sensors inside are bad... also found out too late that they don't replace the sensors when they do a rebuild. Been on many Audi forums and unfortunately for me, tranny problems in the A8 are very common (and costly)! And now I believe the speed sensor needs replaced as my tach stops working intermittently... oh, and when the tach doesn't work, the fan for heat and a/c doesn't work either... wtf???