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2007 Audi A6 (1 Review)
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The upkeep on this car is way over priced. No one can change the oil except the dealership because it requires a special computer to reset the system, same thing w/ the tires so everytime you rotate the tires guess what no on one can reset the sensor. Here in DC it is about $200 for oil change and rotate the tires.

Then we move on to the brakes, when the light came on for the pads being worn. No problem right, wrong this car has special pads with a sensor and the rotors need to be changed every time you change the pads. To my amazement the dealership wanted over $600 for just front end brakes.

Then one of the day time running lights went out, simple right just change the bulb, wrong again. Long story short ended up being some control box and cost over $400.
All this in 18 months.
Never again