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1999 Audi A4 Quattro (5 Reviews)
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1999 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8 turbo. Since of two weeks ago my car takes a while to start the first time and the engine doesn't sound like it is running at its full potential. So then I will turn it off and restart it and it will start almost instantly. Also since of the past two weeks my car doesn't seem like it has as much power and sometimes makes a whooshing sound but I can only hear it from within the car. The thing that is kinda bothering me though is that the weather is starting to get around -5 to +1 and the car should be starting better then it did when it was -20 to -30 outside.
Hi, i was just wondering where i could find a Mass air flow sensor for my 1999 audi a4 quattro for a decent/cheaper price? It needs a new one because its making a clunking noise and it shakes when it does it, and after that i have absolutely no power in my car. You can email me at, or just respond on this. Thanks.
The problem that has been on going with my 1999 Audi A4 is the cruise control when I set it, it may stay on for 500 miles or it may stay on for 5 miles and sometimes it will not set at all but I deal with it as I love my car!!!!! I would not trade it for an American car of any brand, it gets great gas milage and has all the power that I need and it handles great!! What more could I want? Maybe just a newer one but that I cannot afford so I will drive this one til it literally falls apart. I do my own work on my car, it is my baby not a mechanics. I donot want ANYONE to touch it internally but myself.
This is my Third Audi. I have the exact one in the picture. I can tell you its expensive to maintain. Expect problems with the Ac. Had to replace the compressor at 140K. Also there is a common problem with the ABS. Faulty communication with the main computer leaves a solid red and yellow flashing abs on the dash. Expect to pay close to $1200 to replace. I dont know why Audi dont recall this. It is a saftey issue. By the way if you're ever in the Turnersville Area of New Jersey. Stay away from the dealership there. They are dishonest!!!. If replacing your exhaust, make sure everything is direct-fit or else it your check engine light will stay on. Overall I like this car, but dont buy it if you're not prepared to spend $$$$ on repairs.
If I had not have had a extended warranty on this car I would have been forking out a lot of cash to the local dealership.
Second Audi and not to sure if there will be a third!