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2004 Audi A4 (2 Reviews)
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have a 2000 a4, have been having trouble with the rain water pooling in the battery housing and leaking into the interior of the car. the drivers floor is soaked and then the water goes into the rear seat floor board. any ideas on how to fix problem? where is the drain for this area?? sooo very frustrating
just got this car approximately 3 months ago. apparently the TCM is bad. the transmission is very weak and driving at 30 mph the damn car is already on 6th gear. very weak on take off ynless i hit the gas pedle all the way. and even then the transmission is confused. durinig automatic down shift the car transmission kinda bumbs as it goes into first gear. sounds like the TCM (transmission control module) very annoying. the repair is very pricy. only 90 thousand miles. Audi should take resonsibility for this cause this problem happens to alot of their vehicles. especialy the A4