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2009 Acura TSX (4 Reviews)
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after the car was in a minor accident, (fence) the seat belt locked up and was replaced by me. the "airbag" light blinks and stays on constantly. after asking the acura corporate, they will not repair or replace the srs unit b/c it was in a accident. however, the airbags were NOT deployed since it was a very minor accident. acura corporate was NOT helpful and it was like dealing with insurance companies. i've owned honda, vw, bmw and saab and this was the worst experience from a customer service compared with other companies. they won't budge and will not use common sense.
An affordable luxury car with nice features, but not a driver's car. The steering is so numb sometimes it seems like a chore to keep straight on the freeway. The brakes are horrendous and super sensitive which leads me to believe this combined with the bad rear break pads creates an issue! Only at 25k and dealerships are lying to me about replacement so they don't have to pay. Pretty sure they are worn out. For the price it's a great car - I can't deny that. Find a BMW/Audi loaded up with xenon lights, bluetooth, heated seats, programmable seats, home link, etc. at 30k. Gas mileage is pretty good for the most part 21 city/30 highway - EPA estimates are right on target. Worst MPG I have ever gotten was after a NYC blizzard last year subzero temps 16 MPG city / 24 MPG highway but that's VERY rare. Even if your a lead foot. Annoying battery has already died on me 3 times - Honda/Acura always have issues with their batteries for some reason. Always at the wrong time.

Will be going German for my next car. I think Japanese car reliability is overrated. If i'm going to deal with annoying problems like this in a 36 month lease I might as well do it with a car i'll enjoy while driving. BTW all these problems have occurred in under 2 years and I don't put on a lot of miles
Very happy with my TSX. But a warning if you do turn it on let it run for at least 2mins. If you turn it on then right off, it will be very difficult to get it back on. For what ever reason it kinda floods the engine with gas. I had to learn this the hard way. I commute to NYC for work & I use a parking garage, like most garages in NYC they move your car frequently to make room for more cars. So I had to tell the parking attendants this little fact because they were having trouble getting my car started.
Rear brakes gone less than 25000 miles
now no heat in middle of winter, can feel heat but fan does not work
first honda product we have purchased, we have 3 toyotas and this 2009 TSX. I doubt if I will ever buy a Honda product again.