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2005 Acura TSX (2 Reviews)
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I Love my 2005 TSX however like everything the car has its wear and tear problems. For the most part, Arcua in Pembroke Pines are great! A little pricee but the service is top notch. I had to replace my air conditioning system about 3 years after i purchase the car but i thank God for my extended warranty. I paid a $100 for the repairs. The air flows great and never had any problems thereafter. I also needed to replace the motor in one of my window which I thought that was ridiculous but guess what, it was under the warranty as well.

I replaced my timing belt chain but that wasn't so bad because Service Department worked with me and give me a good price.
This is my second Acura and i am a loyal and long time customer. I'm a single young lady therefore I trust Acura with my Car but i don't know about there pricing, at times. With that being said i believe that the Company should take that into consideration when you have supported the Dealership as a value customer. There should be a little more discounts at the cash register for loyal and dedicated customers!!

Overall, I appreciate the Service Department and how they provide good customer service with such professionalize. My Service Rep (Jean Louis) is great!! He is a professional all day, everyday!! he is very knowledgeable and very patience. And I really appreciate all of his efforts when explaining whats and whys of the repairs process.

He is consider to be a great asset to the Arcua Dealership in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Thanks again to Jean and his team at Arcua.

Ms. Byrd

2006 6 speed MT w/ Navi

I was driving on the freeway and a "Check Emissions System" and "Check VSA system" flashed alternating from one to the other. I turned the car off then the VSA system warning light went out and it was still flashing "check emissions system". I parked my car for 1/2 hour with the car off. When I restarted it the lights where gone. I took it to the Acura dealer and explained to them what happened and they said it was that the battery had been drained and recharged and upon recharge the system went a little haywire. So the following day the warning lights returned. This time I took it to the Scott Robinson Honda Service Center in Torrance. They plugged it into the machine which gave them some warning code that they think means that the "computer" needs to be replaced. They said that they cannot be sure because they specialize in Honda but if they were to replace it it would cost $1,000.